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  1. Don't worry, I'm well aware of that. The struggle is getting the agency to buy new ones

  2. Complain up the chain of command HAAARD. Unsat PPE is very much so a health and safety violation

  3. Literally got in at the perfect time. Genesis rolled out 2 months after I enlisted. Shits fucked

  4. Except none of the baes are racially ambiguous tribal warriors, much to their disappointment. Don’t even know who the cracker in the top left is either

  5. Musk was def on E*stein’s plane though… how could he not be involved in all of this? Seems sus

  6. Make sure she doesn’t find out about the military’s current practice of Roman-style Decimation!

  7. Lol felt that. My suburban white mom freaked when she saw the whole Russia situation. Like chill, I’m a reservist airman. I’ll probably be fine. Fr though it’s so hard to explain sometimes and it drives me absolutely nuts

  8. Why are people crying that it doesn’t have wood lol? I think it looks dope and fun to shoot.

  9. Unfortunately it is man, I only have my Fid so I can’t own something with it detachable magazine so as a soon as I get my ltc when I’m 21 I’ll get a regular one

  10. I had the same idea as an FID holder too dude- except I just 3d printed a lower and fixed a 10rd pmag when i transport it from a to b

  11. Gonna be taking an EMT course soon to work in my state so I plan on buying body armor after then. I don’t want to be shot a thousand times by a raving pack of informed citizens while responding to a call.

  12. I can only hear union dixie when I hear it. Must be my PATRIOT YANK INSTINCTS

  13. Got a settlement. I think it was about 75k but was out of a job for a minute and 5 years with that department down the drain. The point is they fired him.

  14. Jeez isn’t that a fat violation of USERRA? 75k, from a police department, thats it???

  15. Hell yeah. Glad to hear it. Using Hoffman Tactical’s print guidelines for an AR build soon, and this’ll be my first so figured I would ask here

  16. Let’s not forget that they are literally shooting at plates painted to represent Jews.

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