1. The title of the submission makes it seem like we are the only ones interested in Eric Gordon 🤷

  2. Oops, that’s my bad - sorry! I wasn’t intending for it to sound that way, I just posted quickly lol. Thank you for clarifying.

  3. This was so satisfying to watch lol. Looks great!

  4. Blake Murphy wrote a great article about him last year, if anyone is interested!:

  5. Strikes happened when I was in the middle of my BEd and it didn’t affect my graduation at all. I wouldn’t even worry about it. The OCT will probably figure something out if it drags out. Aside from that, the only thing it means for you is that you’ll have to follow the same protocol as your associate teacher. For example, if they aren’t allowed to run extracurriculars, you won’t be allowed to either. Good luck next year :)

  6. Some questions/concepts I was asked:

  7. This is amazing! I wish I was this talented lol.

  8. Sold by a guy named James Bond - how perfect of a story lol

  9. Still can’t believe it was a sauga man who took them out

  10. It sounds like it did, in fact, get to him.

  11. I watched all the Jazz playoff games last year and he was pretty bad for them too. I wasn’t at all surprised that they chose not to re-sign him. Just our luck he goes off against us smh.

  12. “Il est allé” would be more like “he went”.

  13. Isn’t Masai somewhat tight with the Inside crew? I remember Kenny talking about getting the chance to see how Raptors management works when he was interested in a front office role.

  14. Yes! Masai was also on Chuck and Ernie’s podcast last year.

  15. On that note, fuck Brooklyn!

  16. Poole deserved this more and that’s absolutely not a knock on Ja at all.

  17. It’s a compliment to Ja because he’s always been good. Poole was a legit G-leaguer

  18. Great guy. I wish he had panned out for us. 🥲

  19. Nicest Raptors I've met: Stanley Johnson, Deebo, Pascal, Mighty Mouse, Cojo, PPat, T Ross

  20. Can you give us some stories lol? 😅 Sorry if I’m being nosey.

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