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  1. For a hot second, there was an airline called Midwest Express that served fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on every flight. They tasted pretty goddamn good.

  2. That was the only flight i wver enjoyed. Loved the everyone gets business class treatment. Lobster or steak? Yes please.

  3. It went on last night because i was miserable. But it will go off during the day.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. It would be an honor to create a memorial sculpture for you. I ask $175 for my custom pet sculptures - I’m happy to direct you by Dm to my Etsy shop if you’d like more information about my art. Alyssia

  5. I’m having an open gallery if you’d like to see some local art! Here’s the info!

  6. I thought the Ice Cave was pretty, but i had been expecting it to be an adventurous 2 hour hike inside caves. It was 45 minutes of driving each way, and a half hour of photos inside small cave.

  7. So not technically did not go, but just did not go…? Blue Lagoon was great, from someone who did go!

  8. Agreed- best part of my trip. We stayed at the Resort which has access to a smaller lagoon but less people.

  9. I have a grown daughter who never outgrew the food thing. When she visits, I say "I didn't go shopping for you because I don't know what you're eating this week."

  10. Yah kid wont eat eggs. Until suddenly she does, and looks at me like i dont know her at all. So then I make eggs but shes just “not in the mood for them”… until she admits she doesnt like them. Rinse. Repeat.

  11. Just sending you a virtual hug. My daughter os vegetarian meaning she wont eat meat, but she also wont eat vegetables, thinks she may be lactose intolerant, and wont eat the same thing twice in a month.

  12. I was just traveling and kept being asked what Connecticut was known for as maybe they knew it that way. I just said “well we are near ny and boston”.

  13. Unfortunately, my boyfriend told me that a lot of people around him associate CT with the Sandy Hook massacre. :(

  14. Yah I thought about that, but with my luck a nearby couple who had suffered in the tragedy and was finally trying to enjoy life, would be within earshot.

  15. We had same issue and took the time to hike to volcano. Which sounds crazy and was whenyou havent slept, ate and just arrived …. but no regrets

  16. I guess I shouldn’t show the waterfall then and the couch and fireplace too 🙈🙈🙈 I guess this is possibly a grey area for “indoor” garden but it is heated and air conditioning too.

  17. I can just imagine how peaceful that room with the sound of a soothing waterfall

  18. This is my preference too. Look for handcraft shops and open artist studios in the town you visit and if you see something you like, don’t pass on it hoping you’ll see something similar down the road. If you tell us where you’ll be, we might be able to give you more specific recommendations.

  19. Hear me out… Honey Cornbread Waffles. It changes everything.

  20. When they stopped letting cigarette companies spend millions on advertising- didnt they just have more money for lobbying?

  21. Haha so we do cover this topic in CODA that if you choose a friend or mentor, it shouldn’t be someone who hasn’t completed the program. And you never want to take responsibility or confide too much in each other and make sure to ask permission before venting etc etc. anyone that I felt like was “crazy out there” I would just kind of not talk to them lmao 🤣 which is hard to do, but like, I’m here for me, not to fix you. Which is the whole point.

  22. Is it bad that im thinking this would be a great place for me to finally find the friends I need.

  23. Oh yeah ! I'm also going back the the gym, made a budget and eating better. I'm on a roll !

  24. Dammit you had me till i read the comments. Im a dope but you are smart and entertaining. So kudos to you. :-)

  25. We did a skittle challenge at home to see if we could taste the flavor blindly. Still not sure there are definitely different flavors. I mean with the regular ones… no idea about these all white ones.

  26. Love it. Not sure I would call these doodles. And if they are doodles- id love to see your finished works!

  27. People have paid ahead of time for signed bottles BUT if you wait on a long line you might be able to get in

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