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  1. I mean his 0-8 game from deep was with KD

  2. Luka. And yes I know he’s amazing and would probably make the team much better. I just can’t stand his play style or toddler tantrums. So I wouldn’t want to watch him every game.

  3. This is coming from the same team that employs CP3 😂😂. Lmao Kidd literally said that Luka was “inspired” from watching CP3 foul bait and whatnot last year in the playoffs.

  4. Kidd says a lot. Also CP3 shoots 3 FTs a game. Luka shoots 11. Not really comparable

  5. Who cares, move on and stop obsessing over Morris.

  6. It's about 50/50 rn but I'd take Suns, Warriors, Clips, Lakers if PG was healthy.

  7. Two of those will probably play each other between Suns, Warriors, Clips

  8. It’s funny how some people discredit the bubble environment and say it was an easy ring for the Lakers, but then say that if it wasn’t for the bubble their team would have won the ring.

  9. Bullock is a terrorist with this. I swear he’s either 7/10 in a crazy game like Christmas vs LA or he’s 0-7 doing cardio. I never expect him to make any of his shots and when one does drop I assume divine intervention.

  10. I'm gonna laugh so fukin hard when none of this shit happens, like really hard.

  11. WWE Raw was at Phoenix. Cool to see a hall of famer rock a Suns related theme

  12. Was my favorite wrestler as a kid. Really cool to see repping my favorite team.

  13. I honestly don't think it is. They just didn't have many good options to begin with. Batum and Roco weren't great replacements, and Morris is usually there in the Clippers best lineups. Sure he's completely useless as soon as either PG or Kawhi leaves the floor, but Morris was the best option they had. It was just the least shitty option.

  14. They seem like really great replacements to me.

  15. Is it just me, or does the Jazz broadcast team sound like they're calling a golf tournament?

  16. Netero was the one who killed him

  17. KD has also been teammates with all of Landry, TJ, Lee, and Payne over the course of his career.

  18. And the guys outside of of all that know their role, which KD actually makes easier

  19. Almost as if there are 6.5 million people who frequent this sub, all with their own individual thoughts and opinions.

  20. Almost like you can believe he’s the biggest whiner in NBA and also a top 10 player.

  21. Bro Shaq has great passes 😂😂. What's your point? Doncic is known for his scoring. True or false? He's not exactly John Stockton or Chris Paul lets stop with the games.

  22. I mean kinda false. But still Harden is a good comparison as Harden is also known for his playmaking.

  23. That stretch by okogie was so promising, but he definitely still isn’t much of a scorer lol

  24. Jazz have been absolutely trash from the FT line.

  25. True and they have a pretty difficult schedule the rest of the way. Wouldn't be surprised if the Suns end up in the play-in. Esp if Jazz can win tonight.

  26. I mean DA is back this game and KD next game. So I don’t see them falling to play in.

  27. They did outsore 76ers bench 56-17 last game. Ross and TJ Warren have been getting it going.

  28. Respect to Tim Legler man. That was some impressive insight from a media member.

  29. He was so upset with us last season. For good reason of course. But he definitely likes our chances.

  30. Lol I wasn’t expecting fanatics to be absolutely roasted in the comments.

  31. Booker looked legit excited to be able to provide that moment for her. Also, probably says a lot about him that Rubin knew he could just call Booker up for this without hesitation.

  32. Yeah, kinda crazy to put him on spot like that lol.

  33. I really like just “Book 1s” simple and clean.

  34. I get hating him on the court. (I never would, but I guess I can see it.) but off the court dude has been first class.

  35. Wow, that’s pretty consistent across all those verses…doesn’t leave much room for explaining it away. Living in a colonized country, I sure hope no one goes by the “sins of the father” rule 😬

  36. Yeah, it’s literally full of verses saying

  37. Thanks lol. I was trying to find a way to make it more of a discussion but was like eh whatever, I found it at least mildly interesting, so I thought others might also.

  38. I’m sick of the networks setting up the league’s decisions.

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