1. How exactly did you get hacked? I'm assuming you shared your login credentials with someone?

  2. I also played Sid & Nancy a crap ton. The day the album released, I listened to it 20 times

  3. Put this with a FX Tribal Headband and you get longer Snare

  4. For both Kabals. Shang doesn't have one by default. Not sure if he can copy one.

  5. I believe he can. I've done it before when I shapeshifted into Scorpion

  6. Hmm not often do people ask how to GET Assassin Jade but nonetheless you can have a chance of obtaining her from Faction Wars Rewards, Towers, Assassin Skarlet Pack, Elite Outworld Pack (I believe, who actually opens these packs lol), Elite Martial Artists Pack, Gold Female Ninja Pack, and the Guardian/Dark Fate Terminator Pack,

  7. AJR and a Waterparks fan? I think there's more of us than you know!

  8. Let's hope this turns out a lot better than New Krunk Times....

  9. Chances are no, hopefully the next best thing a free diamond for the Christmas Advent Calender event

  10. I currently reside in Asia and I'm a huge fan of them. Chances are they aren't gonna come to Asia due to a lack of a fanbase but hey, we can always dream right?

  11. Holy moly! You wiped the floor with a Fusion 8 Scorpion, what's the gear?

  12. Well in that case why did they make an injustice 2 mobile? Why not just add them the the first injustice mobile?

  13. There are way more DC characters/versions of existing characters than there are in Mortal Kombat

  14. Deadweight by I Prevail has some similar vibes to it with some clean vocals on the side

  15. I'm imagining a Waterparks AJR collab. Always wanted to see what would happen when a Rock/Pop Punk band meets an Indie band

  16. Id assume he doesnt wanna play 150 matches then find out its not possible anyways

  17. If he's 150 matches in wouldn't he be done with the challenge lol

  18. Not sure about his gear, but I do know for a matter of fact that MK11 Noob Saibot is great support when paired with MK11 Scorpion

  19. Like how DALL-E included a small planet on the bottom left. Would've never imagined it

  20. I'm pretty sure it said 5% diamond chances which includes all diamonds available

  21. I repeat - Do you have it in you to PULL the PLUG on it entirely? 🃏

  22. This guy is gonna stay I bet. People that make posts like these only stay mad temporarily

  23. I've listened to all of them at least 5 times each, and I gotta say Neotheater is still the best. This however, might change with the release of TMM

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