1. Yeah. Very weird. Thanks.

  2. There wasn’t anything wedged in between them? Just cardboard scraps?

  3. Nothing. Cardboard taped together. Creepy indeed.

  4. Longest… ears… ever!

  5. You can always call and have them convert the free line to a tablet line. I just converted my free tablet line into a free phone line.

  6. I used to use cologne, but now I exclusively use oils that mesh very well with my body chemistry and natural scent. Consider oils too if you are into fragrances.

  7. Can you elaborate more on this? Where do you find them?

  8. Shouldn’t be. You’re the hundred millionth person to buy a new watch and transfer cellular plan so they make it seem less.

  9. the E-sim process on my iPhone 12 to 14 required an hour long phone call so I am weary

  10. Weird, both my wife's 11 to 14 and my 13pro to 14pro upgrades went just fine during the setup process and didn't require calling anyone.

  11. Switched 4 other phones on my account without issue. This was the only one. I think doing it on a Sunday evening wasn’t ideal as they said their systems were being upgraded.

  12. Looks great, really makes the watch look premium.

  13. Agreed on the Nike bands. I tried the Nike band but there’s a tiny gap between the hinges that bothers me.

  14. I saw those all over YouTube. Let us all know how you like it.

  15. Edith is easily manipulated and has a dire need of affection/approval. Yes, Mary is a b*tch but Edith is also highly flawed and also has vindictive tendencies.

  16. What makes Cora only an honorable mention?

  17. How did you get them to give you the new plan at the same cost?

  18. It’s not the exact same cost, I think about 10 bucks more per month now but the new benefits outweigh the additional cost. Especially since I used to always pay cash to upgrade phones.

  19. But like what did you say to them? “Hey, I will switch plans if I can keep the same pricing,” or did they offer a price discount without you asking? Just trying to figure out what approach to take…

  20. There were no extra discounts involved... no convincing on their part. I just had a friendly and helpful rep on the phone who helped me price things and compared my past plan to the current. In my situation it worked out well.

  21. You get up to a $400 value with your trade in. Basically T-Mobile will pay the difference of $400 minus your trade in of $155 which is $245. They then give that to you over 24 months which is about 10 bucks a month. This is why you will pay $35 instead of $45 per month.

  22. Did you get to take advantage of the $1000 promotion?

  23. It doesn't matter if you just switched. It will still work. Also, its better to do this through Apple instead of T-Mobile directly. Apple is faster. Apple also gives you more money up front so your EIP will be lower. Apple will also change you less in taxes. The Apple phones are also unlocked.

  24. Will the Apple phone still be unlocked if you are choosing T-Mobile as your carrier? I know they have a separate unlocked option n

  25. you can do it with Apple and you will get the $1000 off

  26. I Confirmed with T-mobile rep via twitter chat that you can order from Apple or from T-mobile and can get the $1000 off deal.

  27. I am interested in this as well as I qualify. How does it work? I just pay taxes upfront on the phone when I order it tomorrow on apple then once it arrives the credit will appear on the bill monthly?

  28. You can go through the steps on apple’s website now and it will show you how much you have to pay. You just need to choose financing and trade in a phone. Just can’t buy it yet.

  29. There was a version with chocolate last year and that was delicious.

  30. Can someone explain the one about the airport being turned around?

  31. Yep! Pancreatic cancer. Odds of survival were slim. 12 years later I still have a cancer free boyfriend.

  32. This is the answer I was hoping for 💕

  33. I would want the things that mister Mason made when Daisy visited the farm.

  34. Alfred didn’t want any of that food….. asked for cheese! And yet his passion was food and he went to train as a chef. Always found that odd!

  35. I was on Princess cruise to Alaska out of Seattle ast week and tested positive the day I got back. 83 y/o father got it too. Sad thing is we purchased this cruise in 2020 and waited til now to go.

  36. Very common story I heard. Ironic that the cruise I couldn’t go to in 2020 is the one that I ended up getting Covid after in 2022.

  37. Yes, on Eurodam in Alaska 6/4 to 6/11. My husband and I tested positive when we got home. Not been a fun week. 😕

  38. Sorry to hear that. Hope you at least had fun on the trip!

  39. Just got back from a cruise last week on HAL and have T-Mobile as my carrier.

  40. Ah, the infamous upside down pineapple

  41. I know it’s something sexual but please do explain…

  42. I had to vote to see the results, so i hit yes but I've never had covid lulz

  43. Yeah, I didn’t realize that was a thing…. Next time haha

  44. Went on my first cruise in May. Absolutely loved it. Returned and had covid symptoms within a few days. Tested positive. Knocked me down for several days, exhausted for over a week. Totally worth it for the cruise. But I don't live with a senior citizen or immuno-compromised. I wouldn't risk them.

  45. Glad you had a good experience. It’s all about calculated risks at this point.

  46. Strongly divided on this one. I always wanted a new beginning away from Downton for Thomas, so him leaving is good. But last movie he got an equal partner, this time the other man has the complete upper hand (again) and Thomas can potentially lose everything once more. Guy Dexter really seems to mean well but, like Thomas, we only heard about his good intentions without any guarantee. Right now it can go either way, depending on Fellowes finally deeming Thomas worthy of happiness or wanting him punished again for being a non deferential downstairs person desiring more from life.

  47. This one didn’t feel as genuine as the last one. I don’t like the unequal power dynamic. Feel like Thomas just jumped in to avoid having a lonely life.

  48. Yes, I feel it was SO risky for Thomas. However, he felt like this could be his only chance to actually have a partner, so he went for it. He doesn’t even know the guy. He’s just going for it and crossing his fingers. I hope it’s a happy ending for him.

  49. There was not even one scene with genuine chemistry between them. I wish he had ended up with the guy he danced with before getting arrested at the dance club in the first movie. He really had sweet chemistry with that guy.

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