1. Hw should leave this Law Of Average land of he wants to win.

  2. He’s being his own agent and asking waaay too much for what he’s worth

  3. And injury concerns and an inability to elevate the team in January.

  4. THIS IS THE WAY!!! You basically said my belief in the guy. He's good but he's not good enough to elevate the team around him regardless of the circumstances. He hasn't even MADE an AFC Championship!

  5. Dirk is only reason that he was spared from more grief and Luka is the only thing preventing him from sliding toward Haslam territory.

  6. Detroit at least has the Red Wings Dynasty within Millenial Memory.

  7. Tennessee Men’s Basketball in a nutshell: close, but never close enough.

  8. The face of BadlandsChugs roaring a 2L Sprite belch would be a more fearsome logo

  9. I own this one. When I read it the first time a couple of years ago, I laughed myself to death when I read this page!!! 🤣😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  10. I don't think its going to be like that forever tbh. Diamondbacks are building a solid core and really think they've got some great prospects. Everyone is talking about the Orioles (and rightfully so) but I think when it comes to up and coming teams the Diamondbacks are best prepared for the future. Coyotes have a great farm too and hopefully will have one of the best arenas in the league in a few years along with more fan support. As for the other teams probably more of the same forgettable seasons ngl

  11. Because everyone down there are retirees or migrants from other areas who already have their own teams and dont care for the local ones!

  12. Well, if he goes All the way, they can share a Mississippi prison cell.

  13. Year 1: Healthy Jimmy Jesus leads you to a 7 seed. Year 2: Jimmy Jesus tears an Achilles/ACL/MCL in Week 3 and you go into the Tank Bowl but land #4. Year 3: Healthy Jimmy Jesus leads you to a 6 seed.

  14. imagine the cowboys but up to eleven and no cups since '67

  15. Even with that, I'd say Boston is worse. Toronto in #2 but Boston IS worse.

  16. Bears Fans still waiting for Virginia to go into the ground.

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