1. 115k is nowhere near enough to settle down, if by settle down you mean "buy a house, have kids, 2 cars, and go on vacation twice a year".

  2. Most techies don't buy houses off their salaries, it comes from stock options. Depending on the biotech company and position, OP and partner may very well be able to buy a home in 5 years. OP, ask your partner what other long-term compensation is being offered. If it's just salary, yes, you will be renting for quite a while

  3. nevertheless, it is evidence. Also, I bought a new car, took the transponder, and never made a change with FasTrak. Somehow, they got the billing correct.

  4. In your case, they billed the transponder. OPs car didn't have the transponder so they billed to the license plate. If you didn't fill out the release of liability on the car you sold, you could get stuck paying parking tickets, tolls, etc. The fact you have not had any problems is not proof it can't happen

  5. San Jose Sharks could do a lot to boost their marketing and fan engagement online.

  6. You do know players can choose what they do with their free time, right? Hockey players don't nearly have the amount of free time you think they do during the season. Contracts can stipulate a certain amount of promotional and charity work, but you'll never get that kind of off-ice involvement from a person that spends half the season away from their family. If he only has time for one, Burns would rather read Harry Potter to his kids, not yours.

  7. Coastal dwellers say App-Toss, everyone I know here in the valley say App-Tose. Actually, we just call everything from Davenport to Watsonville "Santa Cruz"

  8. I seem to be in the minority when this subject comes up but I don't plan on ever going off medication even though my A1C is great. Taking meds doesn't make me feel old or a failure and my ego isn't hurt by taking a daily pill. You have T2D forever, there isn't a "touchdown" moment where you win and spike the football and raise your arms in victory. Your goal should be to reduce the stress on your body for the long-term. Finally got your A1C down under the mark? Congrats! But, that's not the end of the game, that's only halftime. Meds allows for your body to not work as hard in reducing blood sugar. Even if you're eating healthy and the med effect is minimal, multiply that over decades and it's a huge difference over time. Taking a pill today will have your pancreas thanking you 20 years from now. That's just how I look at it, I completely understand if anyone is having severe side effects though.

  9. I admit, I haven't navigated this section since pre-pandemic, but I had always found drivers were more courteous and forgiving here when it came to lane changes and trying to be in the correct lane. Focus on the all people that actually let you over instead of the few that barrel through without conscious or care.

  10. Everyone is different. I can eat a Big Mac and I don't get a huge spike. But, a deli sandwich roll will send it skyrocketing. Personally, I wouldn't push it to the limit once a week, that's far too often. And, you don't know for a fact that 130 was the peak unless you were wearing a CGM. I prefer to "cheat" by invoking my three bite rule. Three bites of anything as long as it's a rare and appropriate occasion.

  11. Good thinking, I did the VIP (10am-6pm) and didn't have time for all the rides or get to enjoy the ambiance of all the different sections of the park. I also think our backlot tour was shorter compared to what my friends told me when they did VIP. I think you'll be safe buying a Saturday ticket

  12. 1991 was the year Nevermind blew up, and Nirvana went from no one to one of the biggest names in music. Co-incidentally Guns and Roses released their last two successful albums (Use Your Illusion 1 & 2) in 1991, and haven't done anything worthwhile since.

  13. Nevermind was released in late 1991 and Smells Like Teen Spirit didn’t become a hit until late Dec. The album didn’t hit number 1 on the charts until 1992. All the claims about 1991 being the big year for Nirvana is incorrect. Just like hippy flower power was actually early 70s and disco only encompassed the last couple years of the 70s even though most people associate it with the entire decade

  14. Their cut-out fish cookies were fantastic. (fish shaped, not made from fish)

  15. As far as foodstuffs, there really isn't anything you can buy there that isn't imported to the US. When I travel, instead of knickknacks, I like to buy useful household items that I am sure to use often. When I was in southern Italy in 20 years ago, I bought drink coasters with lemon inlays. Sure, they're "touristy", but I use them almost daily and it always reminds me of the trip.

  16. Cloverleafs work best with sporadic traffic and they aren't being built anymore (with a few exceptions). It was a reasonable design decades ago and used up the least amount of land, I really don't think anyone should be crucified to not predicting the current state of Bay Area traffic.

  17. Redfin, or sell it yourself and have a lawyer write up the paperwork. When $2m+ houses in this area sell in one or two weeks, 6% ($120,000) is a bit ridiculous. Each party should pay their own realtor and negotiate a rate, the industry needs a shakeup.

  18. Just another way transplants out themselves. Green hills are nice, but golden hills are home

  19. A rape conviction, even with minimal sentencing, can have big consequences when crossing borders.

  20. One glaring omission is, he is probably the best coach that didn't say "No" to Grier when asked to interview for the position.

  21. The laid back persona comes from all those small, coastal communities that see a lot of out-of-state tourists. Even in SoCa, just go 5 miles inland and the whole vibe changes.

  22. Californians are generally more laid back compared to other heavily populated states/areas. But don't expect area with almost 8M people to be as laid back as 10k town in Ohio.

  23. "laid back" includes a lot more than just work and money, I'd say most midwestern towns of 10k are not laid back and accepting of people that don't share their same beliefs and values

  24. why does anyone intentionally buy a house in an area regulated by an HOA. I don't get it. I don't want to be told what to do with my own property or pay fines to live on my own land

  25. Buyers don't read the CC&Rs before they purchase the home. Or, they think they're special and rules don't apply to them. They are also the same people that don't go to meetings, vote or participate in any way with running the HOA. Don't get me wrong, HOAs can do very mean and illegal things, but the vast majority of HOA complaints are due to rules that are clearly stated in the documents the owners signed before moving in. If you don't read what you sign, you get little sympathy from me. Oh, and fuck HOAs

  26. i hope we have a worse season than ‘93, its bedard or bust baby

  27. The Sharks didn’t get to pick first in ‘91 or ‘93 and will not pick first in 2022 no matter the “lottery” odds

  28. Those NYE & Halloween shows were legendary. I live just around the corner from Dave, sad to say I haven't been any of their shows in a few years, all their usual South Bay venues have closed down

  29. To be fair, I wear a f**k PG&E shirt and I still pay for and use PG&E

  30. House down the street from me took two whole open house weekends to sell instead of just the usual one

  31. The #1 rule for dealing with civil servants is, make sure they know you will take up more of their valuable time than if they just did their job.

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