I wish my dentist was like him lol 😂

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Parenting done right

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  1. It makes my stomach upset to even watch this.

  2. Always be honest with your practitioners. A good one will not judge. They are sympathetic and see it as a condition. Mine has always been mindful, even though I was afraid to tell her at first.

  3. I had a neighbor who has identical twins. They had their ears pierced when they were two weeks old. One with pearls, the other with diamonds. The earrings were never removed.

  4. I had something similar happen to me. When me and my SO decided to open a joint he had to be the primary on the account, even though I was a customer of 20 years and he had never had an account with them. It's so deflating.

  5. A pediatric dentist may cost more, but you get what you pay for.

  6. What's boggling my mind is that we just had a ton of rain blanket northern Utah. The snow season was below average but not by a ton, i believe Southern Utah's snow season was actually above average. So maybe just a longer term drought scenario or the desert just doesn't give a crap, it's always dusty when windy?

  7. As a life long resident, I believe part of the dust problem is how low the Great Salt Lake is. I've rarely seen it like this.

  8. They aren't called the Salt Lake City flats. The Salt Flats are about 2 hours away from Salt Lake City. So, 4 hours round trip too! Sure, I'm in. Especially with gas prices so high. /s

  9. I wish I could upvote this over and over.

  10. Horrible audio, and the crowd can shove it. We left early.

  11. This is a great idea. It iritates me so much! I need to be positive and make light of it.

  12. ALL THE TIME! It's so annoying. Phone calls, text messaging and mail. Leave me the f*** ALONE

  13. So a few weeks ago my grandpa emailed me telling me to read a talk and that my choices were concerning (first photo). For context, I’m a current student at BYU but I’m dropping out to pursue cosmetology. I’ve also told my parents that I no longer believe in the church. I can only assume that my parents have talked about it with extended family and as a response my grandpa decided to email me (even though he has my phone number and could text or call). Initially I ignored the email because I knew that any response would likely be taken as an attack and start an argument, but today my grandpa emailed me again trying to follow up on the email (second picture).

  14. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I left the church as a teenager. However my (now adult) children who were not raised in the church have to deal with this type of behavior every time they visit their grandparents. Ultimately, it just makes my children not want to see their grandparents. It makes me sad that the grandparents can't just share their life stories, without making it all about tscs.

  15. Aaaaaaaa! The voice! She's got the voice. It's the cadence and the tone and the flavor of general conference. It hurts us, precious, it burns ussss!

  16. You won’t know without a spore print. Please don’t consider eating them without identifying via spore print and field a guide. I want you to live. 🙂

  17. Thanks! I love mushrooms, and want to try growing them. I guess you could say I've fallen down a rabbit hole. How did I "spore primt" them? If you don't mind taking the time sharing.

  18. I will be out of town, but love is being sent your way. DM me if you ever need anyone to talk to.

  19. I'm struggling to ask my stepmother this, for the exact same reason.

  20. Tge booger while at the end...that's true love!

  21. I too an a licensed broker but do very little on the exchange. I believe if there has been a move its considered a live event. I don't know if it has to be a permanent move.

  22. There was a guy at the SL farmers market offering classes. I don't remember his details, other that he's in Sandy. He had some cool stuff!

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