1. I think nato have realised that they do have all the power here, if ukraine gets in the that really means Russia has two options, pullout or risk ukraine triggering article 5

  2. It’s so sad to see the utter brain drain russia has gone though, the world is progressing, in every way and yea some push back and some don’t get with the program but Russia cannot move forward, it just genuinely believes it’s a nation without friends and it must defend itself, it’s just not what’s happening and it’s fucking sad man

  3. Have fun committing suicide by murder

  4. I mean it’s not often I’m happy to see an eshay

  5. I think feeing like your voice has an actual sway is much better in the mental health of the population and I turn makes them happier, at least it would for me

  6. Keeping control of a town called "Lyman" must have felt like destiny to Putin.

  7. Why must it if felt like destiny?

  8. To the Russian people I’m guessing they view this as their win, the SMO is completed and their mission is complete (forget the whole moral high ground of denazifying Ukraine and all that)

  9. It’s a fucking spiral that’s so hard to get out of.

  10. Oh trust me, that’s not the only thing they’ll be doing

  11. Sigh… man there’s always feelings when it comes to this stuff, no matter how much both parties trick themselves into thinking there’s not, there always is and it’ll hit you in the ass.

  12. Serbia relationship with Russia has been overblown far out of proportions. Explaining that we need to consider our interests first to a single celled organism that is the Reddit hivemind is an impossible task.

  13. Aight, no need to treat everyone like an idiot ya cunt 🖕 Completely unnecessary, that’s what I was saying, that a lot of what you read and see is pro Russian Serbians and how it’s good to see how the regular joe still has their head screwed in right, even if they do act like a cunt now and then

  14. I am not a rare phenomena, I'm the same as most every other Serb. It's just that you see what you want to see and ignore everything else that goes against your belief. When you spew stupidity you'll be treated in kind.

  15. Bruh I’m saying there is a stigma and stereotypes around Serbs, I never said anything about subscribing to them, you’re making assumptions to justify acting like a cunt

  16. Fuck the Ukrainian coat of arms is hot

  17. Fascism, actual fucking fascism, I hate how everyone calls everyone fascist but this is actual cold blooded fascism

  18. That’s the closest they’ll get to begging, sorry I can’t hear you over the sounds of the Lyman encirclement

  19. So they chose the big and clunky asymmetrical mech armor?

  20. The amount of gaslighting, projecting, insecurity and just blatant war mongering is horrifying

  21. Always the plan, russia wants to escalate this war because putin is a modern day war monger, plain and simple

  22. Watching that live stream actually made me more retarded then joining

  23. Blowing that fucking bridge up is seriously overdue

  24. Really isn’t that easy, not to mention the possible civilian casualties that I’d wager that Ukraine wouldn’t want to have happen due to them having ya know, a soul

  25. Ukraine has done a fantastic job of hiding it’s offensive capability

  26. Just wait until you tell them that the ussr had an economy

  27. I feel like these people don’t actually know how much good the queen did and just see it as “monarchy bad because colonialism”, which is valid but really a childish view on what she did

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