1. This is when California falls into the ocean. Arizona bay. Learn to swim

  2. No, you're thinking of a eccentric scientist that turned himself into a pickle

  3. I'm not sure it's the best but it's the most memorable. I had a sandwich at Bonnaroo from a food truck that was made from toasted aloo parantha (patato flatbread), smoked pork shoulder, creole mac and cheese, and kimchi. It was delicious. It was called a Thurman Merman.

  4. Sounds delicious. What made it so memorable?

  5. Low expectations and a high reward. Also I was very intoxicated. I had to get another the next day

  6. We'd be colonizing the moons of Jupiter by now

  7. David lynch. I dont want to totally understand what's happening

  8. Nihilism. I mean who cares? It doesn't mean anything anyway

  9. Not exactly a come back but if someone is being lazy and asks me to do something I believe they should themselves I will ask them in a concerned voice, "what's wrong with your hands?" They will say " nothing" and I'll respond "oh, then you fucking do it". Or instead, I will ask them if they want me to tie their shoes for them too.

  10. I wouldn't mind Putin dying of cancer

  11. Mulholland drive. So creepy. The guy behind the dumpster gave me nightmares. Ironically, it's one of my favorite movies now

  12. this basically sums up what happens when you criticise or say literally anything that isn't just praise to marvel movies on this sub

  13. I think that calling a movie that has polarized the opinions of a very passionate fan base as a complete joke is far from "criticism". It was a provocation. They want to piss some people off. Dont hate the game, hate the player.

  14. Not even if someone asked you to? Never say never, right?

  15. We should just build the children prisons. That would keep them safe.

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