1. It’s your day. You do whatever makes your little heart happy. So many women have 3-4 outfits for their day. I don’t think it’s extra to have 2 veils. Especially since a lot of brides take off theirs after the ceremony anyway.

  2. I got my dress off Still White and it was brand new with tags and I paid over $1K less than what I would’ve paid in store. I found a lot of good ones for amazing prices on there and Poshmark

  3. I’m from the southern part of the states. And it is the norm here for the bridesmaids to pay for their own stuff. Usually the bride purchases the getting ready attire for day of if she wants them to wear matching pajamas. However I didn’t want this to be a huge financial burden for mine. So I decided on dresses from Birdy Grey and I let them know when they were having a sale. I picked the color and fabric and let them pick the style in hopes they would wear the dress again to get more out of that purchase. And I gifted them 2 pieces of jewelry to wear day of that I got off ETSY. And I picked a color and style of shoe that most people have already so that they weren’t required to buy new ones. I also let them know as early as possible what the cost would be for everything so that if they lived paycheck to paycheck it was more manageable for them.

  4. I originally ordered my dress from Poshmark. But the seller canceled the order cause they no longer had the dress. (I have ordered lots of items off Poshmark and that is the only time I’ve ever had any sort of issue) I ended up getting my dress from Still White and absolutely love it. Both were brand new with tags. I ended up paying a third of what the dress sold for in the dress shop. I always recommend to people try those 2 sites because if the dress isn’t as advertised then you’re able to file claims to get your money back. Also wedding wedding dress sizes aren’t like your normal everyday size. I would look up the brand you’re interested in, look at their size chart, and measure those areas to make sure you’re getting the best size.

  5. Hi Weddit! I’m having a lot of trouble making a decision here! Some context: I’m doing an outdoorsy elopement, and am very short (will not be wearing heels).

  6. I like dress 1. Also you can see if the dress is on Stillwhite. I found mine for a 3rd of the cost brand new with tags.

  7. Plenty make dresses that aren’t white. Look on Poshmark and Stillwhite. They have amazing deals on brand new with tag dresses. And they usually have a pretty wide variety of styles, colors, designers

  8. I’m not using last names. I’m only inviting people that I know really well so I’m just using first names. So in your case John & Emma. Other than that I would leave off titles

  9. My dad was a veteran. No one but my mom and sister know this, but instead of walking down the aisle with my bouquet I will walk down carrying the folded flag that was presented to us at his funeral. And on my bouquet I’m attaching 2 small picture frames with his and my brother who also passed away pictures (that I got off Etsy).

  10. I know you took apart the drain, but maybe using a drain snake could help to see if it’s in there.

  11. Congratulations! I also got my dream dress off Stillwhite and I don’t know why that website isn’t talked/bragged about more. It’s amazing and I literally recommend it to anyone who will listen.

  12. You all are too sweet — I was driving and missed it again but one of these days I’ll get it! I have restock notifications turned on but for some reason I rarely receive them for popular items.

  13. Ugh so nice of you but showing sold out now :( thank you anyway!

  14. I thought I saw it for $64 cad online at some point last week but now I see it for $54?

  15. Canada better get that trench funnel neck -_- cannot believe cart trick is showing sonic yellow and not trench 😭

  16. It took a couple of tries on my end in the states to pop up so hopefully same for y’all 🤞🏽

  17. It’s the hoodie version. So add whatever size you want and pick a different color (they’re out of xl/xxl). Add to your cart. Then when you view cart hit the edit button and it will bring up the color options and that’s where it is

  18. They’re equally as cropped. However the hood does pull down the back of the scuba so the front rides up. And the neck of the funnel folds down easily if it’s unzipped. Also this is in my personal experience

  19. Funnel neck is my favorite. I love the idea of having a hood but it pulls down the front of the scuba so I’m always adjusting it

  20. You should check out Poshmark. I’ve gotten a lot of good barely used or new with tag ones for a real good price

  21. Strange. When I click the link, I get the same message. But it’s on the Canadian website when I search softstreme.

  22. Oh now it makes sense. I’m in the states 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Choice 1- Dominique Cosmetics the moment eyeshadow palette, Kate Somerville Eradicate daily foaming cleanser, or Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturizing cream

  24. I literally saw that and was so annoyed...then it was $13.99 🙄😒 I used my measly $6 credit for it cause I really wanted it, however this left a bad taste. I've never really had issues with boxy until recently

  25. Did you email them and see what they had to say? I mean that’s crappy that you got told it was out and then it’s in drop shop. I would hope they would at least refund you what you paid for it from the shop

  26. After you do the ticket an actual person will respond and email you back

  27. I prefer something more fitted underneath. Just because it prevents the 2 from sticking together but also doesn’t make me feel like I’m fighting fabric all day when I wear it.

  28. I think the OG scuba looks the best. But if you’re wanting a more oversized look then I say the black. It looks like it has more comfortable room

  29. I’m leaning toward the XS/S too, just less bunching up fabric. But I got the peach satin on WMTM sooo decision decision….

  30. The peach looks good too. That would be good for a really cold day to be cozy in

  31. The arms are longer on the peach satin. But sometimes I like that especially in the cold.

  32. Honestly I enjoy the extra length in the bottom I get when I size up

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