1. In terms of power, Phoenix >>> Lynn. In my Impossible Hero Challenge series I gave Phoenix the #1 ranking for best hero in the game, while Lynn is more of a middle-tier hero. I also think Phoenix is more fun, personally.

  2. You play a different game than me :D Very suprising tower choice and placement for me, and lvl1 barracks for so long - why not less barracks but higher lvl?

  3. The barracks are just there to try to draw the gunships' fire out to harmless locations (i.e., not my real chokepoint). If I went with fewer barracks but higher level, they would be more likely to take multiple hits from the gunships, in which case even being upgraded is not going to save them. I did try to make assassins work during testing, since they can't be targeted by gunships while they're invisible, but they lose invisibility when engaging other mobs and then get hit anyway.

  4. Kingdom Rush Veteran Mode Walkthrough - Glacial Heights Campaign

  5. Is this level only available on some platforms? I'm playing on Kongregate and almost have all levels/challenges/stars and I've never seen this level. This a mobile only thing?

  6. These are the elite levels, and yes, they are not available on the Flash version of the game, only mobile and Steam.

  7. I'm still working through the new levels (although Excavation Gateway is in there), but here is my Impossible Hero Challenge with Veruk doing just that (it also includes heroic and iron modes):

  8. Also works in Origins, where if you convert all the remaining enemies to ragdolls with Razz and Rag's Changeling hero spell the level will end.

  9. The last hero created for Vengeance turned out to be a good one, as Dianyun finished in a three-way tie for third place with Beresad and Doom Tank SG-11, like them earning only a single 'B' throughout the series. It's a testament to how powerful he is despite having a rather large shortcoming. All of his damage is exclusively magic damage, and if you've read the other posts you know that was a real problem for Moretemis and Oloch, as there are some pretty hard maps in the elite campaigns with lots of magic-resistant enemies. However, his other strengths more than make up for it. From the blog:

  10. We're getting near the end now, and we follow up the first #1 hero of Vengeance today with the other #1 hero - Murglun. Murglun tied Eiskalt for the top spot, earning straight 'A's on all maps just like him. I think experienced players would all agree that Eiskalt is technically the more powerful hero, but as far as this game is concerned they both perform equally well.

  11. Today we get to the ultimate hero in Vengeance - Eiskalt. What is there to say about him really? Between his ludicrously overpowered basic attack and his ludicrously overpowered hero spell he simply dominates any map you throw at him. And honestly I didn't even have to use Glacial Storm all that much in this series, since his basic attack is so powerful (once you turn it into an AoE with Frost Blast, anyway). He's so powerful I didn't even bother doing a Best Choice award on each map like I did in my Origins Impossible Hero Challenge, because he's always the best hero to use on any map, period. He's easily the most powerful hero in the entire franchise. From the blog:

  12. I will freely admit that I played Jun'pai wrong throughout my Impossible Hero Challenge. When dealing with a hero with both melee and ranged capabilities, I'm usually going to default to using their ranged attack, putting them behind my blockers so they're not in harm's way. I knew when I started that Jun'pai's DPS was slightly better in melee, plus it gives him more of a chance to get the effect of his Last Stand passive. However, I still considered keeping him at range the better play.

  13. Like Beresad yesterday, Doom Tank is another hero whom I find not just powerful, but fun to use. There's something very satisfying about having hero who is a literal tank. Of course the irony is that he can't actually tank, which makes me wonder why we chose that term to describe that role in the first place. In any case he can still effectively get the job done with his powerful Expendables ability.

  14. We get to the second row of heroes today with Beresad. He finished #3 in the final rankings, behind Eiskalt and Murglun, but just barely. City of Rivers Iron was the only map he earned a 'B' on, ruining his otherwise perfect all-'A' streak.

  15. I took a little break from posting for my Vengeance Impossible Hero Challenge, but I'm picking it back up today with Jigou.

  16. I literally just finished this one as part of my Impossible Hero Challenge series. I beat it with every hero on Veteran. Please check it out:

  17. Tramin was definitely my biggest surprise in the challenge. I initially pegged him to finish very low, but he managed to nab a spot in the top half with 7th place. I shouldn't have underestimated his ability to do explosive damage. Yes, his nominal DPS is pretty terrible, but Nitro Rush has a 55% uptime, significantly boosting his DPS. And since that damage is explosive - area damage plus ignores 50% armor - it really gets work done against mobs. His other abilities and hero spell are solid, middle-of-the-road type abilities, so they help him place middle-of-the-road in the rankings. From the blog:

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