1. I'm a boxycharm crossover. So, am I understanding that we choose three from the 5 choice items, then the other 5 will be in add ons? What about the extra item for former Premium subscribers or ipsy boost subscribers?

  2. But are you sure?! Eh, they tried their best! 🤪 By now we all probably have this bronzer.

  3. Aries here, I've received this exact bronzer, not just once, but twice from Boxycharm! lol

  4. I'm cancelling soon because I renew in Summer. I'm hoping for the free box offer they had this past season.

  5. GB is the same, GBP and Boxy Base are combined into one, Boxy Premium is GBP plus boost item, Icon replaces BoxyLuxe and Glam Bag X. So, without a new email, my understanding is you can get:

  6. So unless I am not understanding this correctly.. they are combining 2 separate memberships, which are 2 payments.. into 1? Is that what I am reading?

  7. By combining, they probably hope more will buy the Icon box with their "savings" or spend it in the sales and add ons. The reality is, many of us will shop other sites and buy from a competitor such as Allure, who has had some great boxes lately.

  8. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to be able to select from all the spoiled items? Even if it's grouping them in pick one of 4 in group A, B, C with each group having additional choices, or do long time Ipsy subscribers like how it is? I'm coming from the dark side, lol!

  9. I bought my daughter the pan for $95 as a Christmas gift and she loves it! It is not a pan for someone that likes to put off kitchen cleanup until the next morning. It is a pan that should be cleaned promptly. Hers looks like new after 3 months of using almost daily.

  10. If you ever shopped a sale while subbed, and that sale offered a free item, such as a lip balm worth $3.00, they will tell you that you aren't eligible for a resub gift that is like a $100 value. At least that's what they told me. I had screenshots. Then, they went in and messed with my account, which I also have screenshots of. In my email it showed me resubscribing, then unsubscribing and getting a credit, used my credit card number, but no charge was ever on my card. All that trouble to NOT provide me with a gift.

  11. There already was a boxycharm premium ABH takeover box. It could feature many repeats for half the subscribers if that is the Icon box.

  12. Now that they are merged with Ipsy, it may be difficult. I've been so unhappy with the last 6 months boxes having all repeat and old stock. I'll give the merge a month or two, then if still old product, I'm out! Sorry you ended up with duplicates. Edit to add.... I wouldn't be mad at those boxes!

  13. I agree with those points and to go a little deeper, all company brands should be excluded from being “Ipsy picks” automatically given to a subscriber for the month. If they want to offer Complex Culture and Refreshments as a choice, that selection should also include known sephora/ulta brands to pick. Or just sell their in house brands in the shop. I come from Boxycharm, only receiving Premium. Since the merge, I’ve received both Refreshments and Complex Culture in my “Premium” box. That is not OK!

  14. If you email CS from your ipsy account, they can correct that and move your charms over.

  15. I didn't know they had a email to send stuff to. I kept only finding that bot and the ipsy page and I was getting no where with them lol but finally was told the email so I messaged them and it says they should respond in 24hrs.

  16. And expired product while the warehouse cleanout continues!

  17. I used to really like the texture/fragrance of the Tidal cream, but ice and ceo felt a little greasy and I suspected they were breaking me out. I never saw any results from A+, even after multiple bottles of it. Same for Luna, I just started giving it away because I realized the multiple bottles I was hoarding in the fridge weren’t actually doing anything for me.

  18. My Tidal cream must have been spoiled. It smelled so bad, I used it on my legs for a about a week, then just threw it away. It was a full size that I hadn't opened, but received about a year ago. I'm trying to only have one or two open of each type product. I don't skimp with anything, but with only one face and multiple subscriptions, it takes a while to go through products!

  19. I signed up seasonal in Winter 2020. I loved my box then and still enjoy most of them. The Lily Pulitzer mugs were the draw for me and they haven't held up as well as I had hoped. I love the champagne flutes and bought extra at some point so we have enough for Sunday brunch. I wish I was up for renewal now, but I didn't start annual until Summer box. I love that they offered a free box. I received the mugs as my sign up bonus. I think it's a great value if there are items you will use. I'd like one for skincare/makeup and one for home items. If I get the courage to give up my makeup subscription, I'd definitely get two boxes!

  20. I’m only a boxy subscriber, so moving forward, since choice is in the month the box/bag is received, is it possible to see what choices you are offered, then decide if you want to pay that month?

  21. No you get charged usually the last day of the month and choice is on the second

  22. Ahh.. so they suck you in with the promise of great spoilers, then offer none of those as your actual choices

  23. I wish I would have been up for renewal this season. I'm up for summer too. I hope they offer the free box. I plan to cancel sometime between now and then in hopes of an offer. Just in case I want something in a sale, I'll hold off for a little while.

  24. Those are my two choice items. The warehouse cleanout continues 😡

  25. In order to claim a sale credit, they want your phone number. I’d be leery about providing that if you have more than one account

  26. So, will skipping be an option once they merge? And the ability to see spoilers before upgrading to the quarterly box?

  27. I see the spoilers for March and it appears to be all warehouse cleaning. Putting ild Base products in Premium and putting Premium and Luxe into Base.

  28. The Alamar is a Boxy product from 2021 and it was in a box last year that they sent new subscribers when claiming to have sold out of that months box.

  29. I receive boxy premium. In addition to two old products from 2019 boxes, my Feb box had a full size refreshments unscented cream. And, they didn't send my choice! I'm in the "let's see what April brings" group.

  30. I'm up for renewal for Summer. I'm tempted to ask about charging me now and sending me that nice free box others received for Spring resub

  31. I love that pouch. We use it a lot on vacation. It's a very nice size and holds a lot. The nightie is so soft.

  32. I didn't realize how much I would love that nightgown. It's great!

  33. I really enjoyed this season’s box. I’ll be up for renewal and hope they offer the uncustomized free box. I’ll cancel closer to summer in case I want to shop a sale.

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