1. Mercari has them at good prices. Sort by lowest price then look for free shipping.

  2. Thank you! I will definitely try that if I can’t get one :)

  3. If you are awake late the last day of the sale, keep refreshing … I did it for the body cream last sale. People with faster browsers have better luck with the refreshing. Someone on here recommended refreshing from the page the item is on instead of from favorites. That’s how I was able to get the cream.

  4. I don’t want past products that weren’t in my previous boxes. That’s why I paid for annual, so I could customize and choose my products. I haven’t contacted my credit card company because I almost would rather be out the three boxes I’m owed than jump through the hoops of a refund. I had skipped spring, and I will email to skip summer. Then access things in Fall.

  5. I had tried contacting my bank and couldn’t get a refund because of how much time had passed so I guess I’m stuck getting the Summer box. I also really liked the customization factor so it’s annoying I won’t be getting the experience I paid for.

  6. I checked and have not received an email. Maybe it’s because I skipped spring.

  7. I love your big beautiful bathroom! So envious!! And your hair is cute too 😉

  8. I’ve been waiting for mine all day and now it says “Post Office Attempted Delivery” exclamation inside yellow triangle sign. I’ve been out in the living room with my kids all day with large windows facing our entire front yard, I’m damn sure no one came to the house. Has anyone had that happen before? Do I need to call the post office or something?

  9. It’s possible it ended up on the wrong truck accidentally. I had that happen and called for a redelivery.

  10. Too bad they didn’t do that with the tomato serum. I have three that are out of date, but I never looked until it was posted here recently. My mailing boxes with label are gone, but bought from recent sale. I’m not tossing them, but feverishly using them on my entire body to get through them.

  11. “They” say Trader Joe’s has a good dupe for that at a fraction of the price.

  12. I went today. OOS and apparently it’s seasonal. Due back April 2023.

  13. I stalked the Sunday Riley cream too but did not get it. Four times it popped up as available by refreshing but when I tried to select it, each time it would come up out of stock. At the rate I was refreshing, they were being snatched up in less than 5 seconds.

  14. Nice! I refreshed from 9-11 est and couldn’t get the Sunday Riley. Every once in a while it would appear and I would click add to cart, then it would gray out. I’m very happy that I was able to get that JM body cream. That must have a limit of one max. It appeared several more times but I was never able to get another one added.

  15. I signed up in 2016 for the subscription with a free extra toy every month. I honestly do not pay attention to the auto pay. I recently canceled. As far back as I could go in my bank account I have been paying an extra nine dollars a month for the free extra toy!

  16. That’s mostly recycled items. Which box are the saying it’s for?

  17. Boxycharm has a Stonestreet body cream in the Premium offerings this month. Not the same as yours but if you are a subscriber, they may have the one you want in the next monthly sale.

  18. I just dropped charcoal if someone is refreshing for it

  19. I believe the eye area should be avoided. I use the make up removing reusable cloths with just water for my eyes. I switch up cleansers from various beauty boxes and have used a few from Kate Somerville.

  20. I literally inventoried my skincare today. I “shopped” it, then made a categorized list to see if family/friends want it at my cost before making bundles for online selling.

  21. It’s a nice moisturizer. If you don’t need it right away, I’d see what Fall skincare offers, or consider joining boxycharm. It’s not in this months sale, but high end skincare is priced more affordable in their sales. If you want a referral code, dm me

  22. I prefer full size items. I haven’t used many of my Ipsy samples. I currently get boxycharm premium annual and am on the fence about renewing.

  23. I have yet to try Boxycharm! I keep wanting to…but seems like every says the same, that they cancelled or probably will cancel

  24. I feel like with boxycharm, I receive brands I recognize. Even though you can choose more items in gbp. Although, now that they are combined, I see a lot of past boxy items as choice in Ipsy

  25. You can get an additional $12.50 cash back with Rakuten. Dm me if you aren’t already a member. I’ll send my link that gets us each $30 on top of your $12.50

  26. I read the package for the shadow shield. One of the recommendations is to put it in the refrigerator, then use to help with puffiness. Great idea, except only one pad is included. Speaking for myself, when I wake up with puffiness, it’s usually both eyes affected.

  27. Must be a glitch because we are all seeing this. They couldn’t possibly target members of this subreddit, lol!

  28. Agree with you! Mine changed only today, my bag also came in today and it is purple. 😃

  29. Glad you received what you selected for choices, both of mine are wrong! They sent me peach blush and the plum plum, my choices were rose blush and korres cream. I sent my confirmation and photos of shipping label. I hope they resolve! Have you tried anything yet? I am very happy with the palette and mascara. Not sure about the shadow shield and yet another eye shadow primer. It seems like all the items are cohesive this month, so that's good. Enjoy your box!

  30. Macy's is funny. Sometimes I'm billed late the month before and receive the box a couple weeks later, other times I'm billed the day before the box is in my mailbox. EDIT- My box will be delivered UPS Friday

  31. I came here to see if it opened early. Every fucking thing is out of stock. Not cool boxy, not cool 😡

  32. https://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2022/05/boxycharm-july-2022-spoilers.html

  33. Omg... one of the premium choices is a MINI???

  34. Yep, I about died. $22 value. In Premium!!

  35. Noon Eastern Time. I did the same thing when I joined in Feb 2021. I now have way more products than what I can use on my face for the rest of my life. Have I unsubscribed? Heck no! My friends and family love my hand me downs!

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