1. Hell yeah Frederick Douglass is the shit. I’d watch that dudes 15 minute video

  2. Not sure but the post box is being massively emasculated

  3. Yes but the post box has a nice slot and the box doesn’t

  4. As someone who lives in The Park, I agree. The bollards are currently down though, so security measures were needed.

  5. Don’t tell the public that the barriers are down 👀

  6. Exactly this. I’m 41. I’ve had two kids. I’m done. I do not need the damn thing. It’s gross and painful. (I only say gross because I’ve been trying a period cups unsuccessfully)

  7. Base 51 charity are running a light night at Friday 6.30 PM

  8. Oh great, so when I want to reduce fuel use and park there, then walk in, I’m rewarded with a fine…

  9. Not sure why you’ve been downvoted for this 🤷🏼‍♀️

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