1. And like every other kink server the sausage ratio is probably off the charts. 37:1 would be my guess.

  2. He replies to everyone that brings up the show throwing incident on Twitter

  3. I'm not English but baked beans on toast is fucking delicious

  4. Almost every country’s cuisine has beans somewhere, the problem isn’t the beans and toast it’s the British

  5. Honestly every track that plays during the level Anticitzen One is a banger

  6. It almost looks like Motherbase made in source engine for a counter strike map or something

  7. AWOOGA!!! *jaw drops to floor, eyes pop out of sockets accompanied by trumpets, heart beats out of chest, awooga awooga sound effect, pulls chain on train whistle that has appeared next to head as steam blows out, slams fists on table, rattling any plates, bowls or silverware, whistles loudly, fireworks shoot from top of head, pants loudly as tongue hangs out of mouth, wipes comically large bead of sweat from forehead, clears throat, straightens tie, combs hair*

  8. Solidus also lost his left eye. Big Boss and Venom lost their right.

  9. Dude wait til you find out that the guy with the bat in Tekken 7 is in a show on AMC

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