1. They're usually only around .85g and they typically hold 1g or even a little more. Looks pretty normal to the ones I've had but I don't usually get the pods. Right side does look a little lower but it still probably has the total weight

  2. Was just curious most of them I’ve got previously there’s just a tiny gap

  3. The filling chamber holds 1g I believe and I've even heard the coil can absorb a decent amount. I've definitely had some carts/pods filled different amounts. This looks pretty close to right though IMO

  4. I believe so but I'm not positive. I'd honestly suggest looking into purchasing CBD flower,isolate, or whatever other cannabinoids online. Stuff like CBN is great for sleep and you can get isolate online for next to nothing. I buy all kinds of different cannabinoids and flower for making vape oil,RSO, tincture,lotion,etc. It will cost you a fraction of the price and doesn't use any days (CBD only shouldn't in program but I doubt the selection is as good as online)

  5. Do you have a site you use or recommend that I can check out. I will definitely look into cbn.

  6. I've gotten CBN isolate from a few different sites. Last I was looking cannaclear had really good deals on different isolate. If you want CBD flower though I've had good luck with fern Valley farms shake or smalls. It's not usually as fresh but its very well cured and has humidity packs. I make CBD carts and add CBN isolate I like to use at night. I can make a gram of oil/RSO or around 1000mg edible/tincture for around 5-10$. I try to get stuff in bulk though but it still would be way cheaper than dispensary

  7. I think they might be doing the Color Redemption filtration for their extract or at least some. I tried emailing them about it but they didn't respond back

  8. They probably didn’t email back because they knew they are in the wrong. It’s funny when companies try and talk up the color remediation stuff, give us the damn terps!

  9. i agree its usually pretty obvious the answer when they just don't respond back lol. I don't see a huge issue with it but think it should be upfront on labeling. Standard do it and call it "Pure Wax" but at least they were upfront when I asked them. Certified and Buckeye just didn't respond

  10. I saw some RSO gummies made by MUV at one of my local dispensaries, ever try anything like that?

  11. Gummies are classified as edible so the daily limit is like 110mg per day. But RSO oil is typically labeled for vaporization so it can be up to 590mg plus variance and it's only a day. It's very versatile too. You can use it more like a tincture or a edible

  12. Someone is making FECO too but classifying it as an edible so a .5g uses 3 days.

  13. I have seen some classify it as a edible but most do in vaporization form. Unless it's in capsules or something like that. At least alot of the more popular brands. RSO/FECO are pretty much the same thing especially in our program. No one's using the solvents the original recipe used which is understandable

  14. It seems like something has changed recently. Mold is obviously a bigger concern certain types of the year but it seems like if they were properly testing, storing, packaging, etc this wouldn't be happening as often. It wouldn't surprise me if things just aren't being stored in the correct environment after packaging. And the weather changing recently didn't help

  15. I'm sure that storage and environmental reasons factor in, but I honestly don't blame them for having molded flower as much as I do for knowing they have it and still trying to pass it off. If these places that grow it know anything about what they're dealing with, they should be freaking out. Powdery mildew is very contagious and hard to treat. Something like this could end a company if they don't get it under control quickly.

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if this molded after packaging/testing or it was under the threshold the state allows and spread. Most cultivators/processors aren't properly packaging things and dispensaries aren't storing properly either. I'd be curious what the original COA says. If it tested over though and Buckeye still distributed they need to get to bottom of why it happened and be held accountable. It's a big reason I think they all need to include the COA and label properly. What might not be a issue to one patient could be to another

  17. I contacted them for more info about these. From what they told me its c02 extracted then "continue to press the cold press oil by hand". I've heard of cold press but they typically don't use solvents from what I understand

  18. Yeah I'm pretty familiar with cold press, extraction methods etc but I've always heard of cold press to your point used with solventless. I usually associate cold press with high terps and solventless...c02 and cold press seem odd to me lol

  19. Yea that's what I couldn't understand. Sounds like misleading advertising to me lol

  20. What's the best way to do this? I assume I could call POW but how should I contact the state?

  21. This is form to submit complaint to pharmacy board/MMCP. But honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they make things right and stop releasing stuff like this just because of this post. Sometimes a popular post has more effect than anything else from what I've seen and experienced. Wouldn't hurt to file a complaint though but the State aren't always helpful

  22. This definitely sounds like a scam. Even if it was a legal dispensary shipping products across state lines is illegal still. You can definitely find people to send stuff online bu the ones usually messaging people are scammers. I'd try to charge back the money ASAP

  23. They might use similar things like this for preserving or packaging but I'm not sure they're allowed to remedy molded flower in Ohio like this. I know they can process using c02 and hydrocarbons but I think that's the only other option. I have heard other states allow this or did at one time

  24. This would be used on the flower before it gets sent to the lab from my understanding. (for those that use it)

  25. It's possible but these things are typically marketed as ways to remedy contaminated flower. It's just alot of work to just package flower. The main thing it's doing is destroying mold, fungi,etc. It appears they can even infuse terpenes and moisture after. But majority is over dried IMO. I think the main reason they overdry to help prevent alot of the contaminate issues. Replacing the air with nitrogen in container is one of most effective and efficient ways to preserve flower and prevent alot of issues

  26. But mold,bacteria,terp and cannabinoid degradation,etc is still a issue especially in certain environments. These aren't going to solve all the problems but they can minimize them. For the prices we pay for everything I just know a lot of patients want to preserve the best they can. A couple other users were discussing good storage containers so I figured I'd share these

  27. The only problem I have with all the specialty "storage jars" is that they all claim to be the best and only way to store your shit. And every one that I've seen comes with a cheap plastic lid (which according to most reviews I've read is usually their weak point). I'm not arguing the science behind the types of glass, but they overcharge for an inferior product (in my opinion) because of the cheap lids. Like I said, for all the longer I store things, Ball or Mason jars work fine.

  28. The miron/violet glass jars I've gotten have glass or metal lids that have a rubber seal around the lid. The mypharm appear to be available in both lid types. They're still on the pricey side but the side by side comparisons they do with different material is really noticeable. I'm not trying to sell anyone on these just figured I'd share since we've been seeing alot of moldy and contaminated material. It doesn't take much/long for mold to grow or spread

  29. When I talked to them a couple months ago they said they use 90u – 160u for the live rosin badder and 45u – 160u for the oil

  30. Check out these violet/miron jars too. From what i understand they block all light but UV rays which can help stop the growth of mold and bacteria. I've got a few and they work well. They show difference in material storer in different types of containers and the difference is crazy.

  31. Considered the live resin carts and am glad I did not purchase one after your comment. I will say though, the description online for the SBD cart had it labeled as 'distillate infused live resin' but on the actual packaging it was only labeled as distillate and no mention of live resin.

  32. From what buckeye told me they have some that are infused with distillate and others that Aren't. But they should be labeled but knowing how dispensaries are that probably won't always happen. The Airopro are supposedly always all live resin

  33. Thats interesting to know. Thank you for sharing!

  34. They claim they're just as good quality but press on instead of screw on. But the quality is night and day between the Airopro ones I have from few months ago. The mouthpieces aren't painted the material is actually different color. I was hoping they switched because of supply shortage (wasn't sure if it was affecting things) and would be switching back. But they informed me they switched for other reasons and these breaking,paint chipping, is one in a million. Maybe the more issues patients have with them and they realize they will switch back or to another brand

  35. I just got a box of these but a different brand. Haven't really tried them yet but they're all ceramic. Not sure how components are in place though. They're becoming popular especially for Rosin carts. The only thing i don't like is once you put mouthpiece on you can't remove without breaking. At least the ones I have

  36. Something will high CBN will work the best. Typically that's the biggest difference (if any) between the indicator,sativa edibles in program. You can get isolated cannabinoids like CBN for a fraction of the cost too and make your own

  37. I just got my first syringe last week and have been enjoying it so far. But, I've been meaning to ask you mushroom. Other then just popping a dot In my mouth or a hot beverage, are there any better delivery methods? The hot beverage is working best for me. I find sublingually It just ends up sticking to my teeth.

  38. It really depends on how its extracted but you can even vape alot of the FECO/RSO in our program. No one's using solvents like the traditional way. It might be harsh and gunk up your rig though. Its alot less refined so it usually has more waxes,lipids,etc. Alot will winterize or dewax c02,hydrocarbon, etc extract to help clean up so there isn't as much waxes and stuff like that. You could add some to a fatty oil like MCT or alcohol and make a tincture. Its pretty much as simple as deciding how strong you want it and mixing in the RSO/FECO. It probably wouldn't perform the best in a cart without dewaxing or winterizing though

  39. It can really vary alot between processors. Alot in our program are using different solvents than the traditional way Rick Simpson did. Alot are using ethanol which is the norm now but some use c02 or hydrocarbons too. So the end product will be a little different. It can really be about preference and how you plan to use.

  40. It looks alot like the carts I make at home with older CBD flower. The last couple batches I've seen from them look like this. Full spectrum extracts like c02 is less refined so it retains more of the plant material, cannabinoids, chlorophyll,etc. Using older material too can affect color of oil too because of oxidation and the oil can/will oxidize as it gets older.

  41. It's probably just oil that burnt from coils and/or oxidized some from the heat

  42. could it oxidize/burn just from sitting on a table untouched? I did read somewhere that a low amount of energy is constantly being used if the cart is in a battery

  43. I'm not sure about the power thing but it doesn't take much to oxidize. I have heard where leaving in while charging isn't good so that wouldn't surprise me. But Temp/heat, light, air, etc will all degrade it. Some of the oil surrounding the coil will get usually oxidize from heat/temp coils or air from mouthpiece. Full spectrum co2 oil that hasn't been distilled usually retains more of the plant material too so it could just be lipids, waxes, etc. But I'd guess oxidation is main issue. It's still safe to use it just probably has higher CBN levels so might be better for nightime

  44. That's ridiculous. It's clearly broken/ defective. I'd file a complaint with the Pharmacy Board about the dispensary. Certified have been pretty helpful in my experience but the dispensary or MMCP are the only ones who can adjust days

  45. Ended up going into Rise and they accepted return. Manager said it does appear to be some mold/bud rot. Very understanding and super cool about taking it back. I also emailed the board before I went back to Rise. I'm going to email again to let em know it was returned as defective. So hopefully they go about the right process for a recall. If you have this batch, check your buds thoroughly. Also I emailed Buckeye Relief but haven't heard back yet.

  46. That's awesome the dispensary helped you out. Thanks for contacting the State too. Lets hope they do their jobs and recall the batch

  47. I'd definitely contact the State too. If there's a moldy batch that made it to shelves they need to recall it

  48. You can typically get a idea if a strain is harvested early by the CBG levels too if you can check the label before trichomes

  49. I'd look into trying or making a topical with some of the other cannabinoids like CBN,CBG,Etc. I get CBD flower and isolated cannabinoids to try out different recipes. There doesn't appear to be alot of long term research yet but it does appear to be beneficial. In my experience THC doesn't do as much in topical form. If i have some trim or something extra I'll add some maybe to products i make. But I couldn't bring myself to pay what dispensaries ask for them

  50. The oil is definitely alot thicker in the winter or colder weather. The vapor probably condenses in the airway quicker too

  51. Here is Crescos response to my email complaining about their seedy weed that lacks any sort of effects

  52. I kind of take that as they're saying it met their standard and wasn't too many seeds lol. I'd be curious how many seeds it would need before it didn't meet their standard. They responded pretty much the same to another patient who had a issue with seeds. I find a premie here and there in the dosido x purple punch but it's nothing like what you shared. I'd be upset to. It would be different if it was labeled as seeded. I've heard they claim to labeled as seeded when they sell to dispensaries or whatever. But even Sunnyside wasn't labeling as seeded last I seen

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