1. I hate the way thr 43x shoots. Shoot it before you do anything, if you haven't already

  2. What do you hate about the 43x? I’m just wondering. Thanks!

  3. The way it shoots. It's snappy like a revolver. I have snappy revolvers, I don't need a snappy 9mm

  4. Your question doesn't make sense in the context of my comment. Did you understand what my comment was subtlety implying?

  5. Yes I know what your attempt was. Why do you carry? Self protection? Or just to be cool. They carry for protection, like I do.

  6. prob pay a week or 2 behind so if you quit today you would be paid 1 or 2 weeks at the next payroll. This is when you take unpaid time off until you're caught up then quit with no notice.

  7. Yes, it is. The dealer in AZ is getting royally fucked because of how big they are.

  8. Has nothing to do w/ capitalism and everything to do w/ a corrupt ATF.

  9. I like the 19x trigger so I wouldn't change that one. The 43x is an easy change and would be worth it.

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