1. When using CBG with THC it weakens the psychotropic effect of the THC just like CBD does. I'm really liking Galenas & Grow Ohio carts right now

  2. There are several reasons why a turtle's head twitches, including respiratory illness, parasites, unsafe tank conditions, vitamin deficiency, and metabolic bone disease. Definitely take him/her to the vet asap

  3. For me the first dose works excellent but each dose afterwards doesn't work nowhere as good for me and I will end up using 2-3 times as much just to get the 1st dose effects & relief so I myself only buy them once in a blue moon πŸ”΅ now maybe if they were 1000mg or more I would probably buy them more often

  4. Try their crumbles especially Wizard Punch or 4 Kings

  5. Yes it does alot I mainly vape Indica & Hybrid indica leaning medical cannabis and it does wonders helping slow down my racing thoughts, helps me sleep better, eases my depression, relieves my pain (failed surgeries) and so much more

  6. Axilla & Zero G have good effects and both definitely taste really good

  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  8. https://www.pacificgoldcannabis.com/product-category/pacific-gold-cannabis-recreational-medical-delivery-portland-or-oregon-cartridges/pacific-gold-cannabis-recreational-medical-delivery-portland-or-oregon-cartridges-full-gram/

  9. 😁😊😁🀀😊😁

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  11. Yes I recharge mine 3 times after that I throw them away

  12. What effect does missing trichome heads have on the overall effects from the flower when smoked/vaped?

  13. They produce the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD, that drive cannabis and hemp markets

  14. So without the heads, you’re saying the rest of the trichome is useless and contains no real terpenes? Or is it just that the head contains most of the terpenoids? Honestly curious my friend.

  15. Trichomes are arguably the most important part of the cannabis plant. When you look at your cannabis, and you see a thin, snow-like coating around the leaves and flowers, it's a good indicator that you've got some high-quality stuff. But with broken trichomes it could be from to much handling, heat, light, overgrowth and so on so no I don't think the rest of the trichomes would be useless but significantly less potent

  16. I'm going to pick the top 2 from everyone's opinion

  17. So these are strains you’re thinking about getting?

  18. What is the 'tops' is that like big buds, premium??

  19. The "main" cola is a really big bud at the top of the plant so I assume it's that.

  20. I've never seen their flower in SW Ohio but it definitely looks good and I love the strain name

  21. Not in Ohio I have never seen any white live batter but I did get some whitish crumble one time last year

  22. I myself have never had any flower put me to sleep ever but Grow Ohio honey will knock you out in 15-20min

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