1. Hey sure you can go to church but knowing God is far way more important. Hope that you will find that life is even more fruitful and meaningful (and truly believe in Christ)

  2. Believer here too, I never had a clear response of 'no' or 'not that person' and I know that I do not have the gift of singleness. In fact I do have someone whom I like currently. As I read and understand Him more, I want to be able to trust that what He gives would be the best for me. The waiting can be painful though no doubt.

  3. I don't know if my comments are seen on this sub but it is not nice to string you along if she already said she sees you as a friend. A friend will not do that. So please set up some boundaries for yourself as well even if she doesn't have the same boundaries.

  4. Not only that, that whole city gets burned down to the ground by a rain of fire and magma as punishment for their evil, so yes, the bible states it was pretty bad

  5. Pretty sure this was a separate event that was similar..since this was in Judges

  6. I think you are right and im pretty dumb, man i read the bible like years ago, cant remember what happens in what book

  7. No problem, at least you remembered something about it and read it before

  8. Thought of Joseph's life too. Praise God!!

  9. Hey it is good that you do not want to worship idols and commit idolatry. Why would you say you are not believing and putting it to practice? Besides being afraid, because yes the flesh is weak, you have to understand that you are not alone in this and that God is faithful.

  10. Perhaps you can dive deeper on what makes it hard for you to accept this and be assured?

  11. Honestly I thought of the gift of salvation. But in terms of spiritual gifts it would probably be mercy giving - empathizing with people helped me to understand people's needs and serve them. Didn't get cool musical gift:D

  12. Not sure how the Bible speaks about this part but I would imagine that we would retain our memories, after all we all have our relationship with God while being here and we would definitely be joyful about being in heaven! Interesting question.

  13. Yes, you have repented so trust in God with all your heart.

  14. I struggled with this too. Told myself the heart to worship God is more important. Many of the ccm are singing about our feelings and can be quite shallow hence I slowly turned towards listening to worship music in my mother tongue and hymns.

  15. I understand how it can become unmotivating to go to church. For me, church is rather far... Takes around 1 and half hrs on public transport. I don't have many friends in church either so my main motivating factor is also God alone. Glad that both of you didn't stop attending church. Are you serving in church? If not, start serving, not miserably but let everything that you do, let serving be worship unto God. Whether you are already giving time and other resources to your community or not, ask God to be the one who remind you why He wants you to be in a church (most likely you already did this) and be grateful to God for it.

  16. Not weird to me. The people around don't talk about it, I choose not to disclose my FAness too unless they are my friends then they would know. You don't necessarily have to tell someone until you're comfortable to say it.

  17. Same here I don't like watching romance. But I often just lament (recently saw a good show with just some romance in it) that it doesn't happen in real life, or maybe it just doesn't happen in my life..

  18. Personally I consider someone who haven't been in a romantic relationship, or someone who has no friends/family as FA. Hence I am a FA. But my definition doesn't matter to another person. At least in this sub, there is respect which is nice:)

  19. Is there any reason why it's common to see people giving out those flyers on Christianism/trying to share about their belief to random people on the streets (usually MRT/bus stop area)? Idk but I find it kinda fascinating because the Abrahamic faiths seem to preach in different manner. For the lack of better words, the Christian style preaching seems more open(?) while the Muslim style preaching seems more private(?).

  20. The giving out flyers part/sharing faith is probably because of the Great Commission! We are called to make disciples of all nations but probably flyers are less effective nowadays haha. Not specifically about praising pastors, but the ig stuff is mainly because their lives revolves church, just guessing?

  21. I read your other comments that supplements this post. It is good that you are serving in church faithfully, that is also a connection with people! May you experience joy through serving God instead of being too occupied with the doing. Be like Mary than Martha when approaching God! :) With regards to the prayers, I won't know better but persist in prayer (even though sometimes many seems unanswered) and also start seeing what God already did in your life and give thanks for these?

  22. If they are Christian, yes we need to disagree and correct them if their views are wrong. But otherwise my personal stance is not to comment on this too much. And next defend the Word when there are people who purposely misinterpret the Word and tries to teach that.

  23. I was also interested in this topic. Someone mentioned about the Harrowing of Hades. To be honest, I don't know if Christ did preach in Hades but God would have allowed people of the past before Christ hear the good news and have a choice to follow Him or deny Him in someway. Or how people from other ancient civilizations would have come to hear the gospel? But let there be less arguments about this and ask God about it..

  24. Thanks for the response, it has been insightful.

  25. Welcome! May you be able to be encouraged and continue to believe in God.

  26. Is there any way while you go to church, you get connected to someone (maybe if the church has a website you could raise enquiry) or even people who are serving to ensure you are taken care of in the community? I am thankful that you hold on to God through this, don't give up!

  27. For Valentines I treat myself. I buy myself a good steak, good bottle of wine and flowers and watch my favorite good feel movie. Then the day after I celebrate by going and buying all the discount chocolate my large sweet tooth can handle.

  28. Yup. There is only once when I was 12-13, but it was because I looked abit like the person's previous crush and I don't even know if that was true or just a rumour. He then proceeded to crush on my friend. People say puberty hits, but mine was horrible..so all I got were pranks and overthinking.

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