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  1. Nice name you got there, "BetaCuckoo." You sure are a brave one. That's admirable.

  2. Ah, it seems I have wasted your time. It was nice talking to you, "Eevertti." May our paths never cross again! Or may they? That is not for me to decide.

  3. It was actually fun tho, and your time was wasted as well

  4. You know, I may have not known you in person, "Eevertti," but I am glad I met you. I don't even know if you are an American, not that I am a patriot! But I imagined you with a hilarious mid-western accent. You may be a seventy year old man living under a bridge, using the wi-fi of a nearby Starbucks. You may have been a kid just a couple years younger than me. I have typed your name many times by now. So much so, in fact, that everytime I type "ee" you pop up. Though, I suppose, not many words start with double e. I wish you a good day. Unless you're a jerk in person!

  5. https://pornhub com/videos.jkfkKGH49J6j

  6. What an interesting site you've got there... you frequent there often?

  7. You would gain a funny video reaction

  8. I was just afraid that was your parent-given name, that's all. Since I've gone so far to hold this conversation with you, I wouldn't mind a quick gander at your post history...

  9. how does that even feel? what does it do to your body?

  10. It is, most likely, still unhealthy. You're still breathing smoke. At least it's not directly carcinogenic.

  11. Damn, I almost feel bad for that dude... if I were him, I wouldn't know how to move on.

  12. Yuriko's poison flowers quest. It was pretty easy to find them since there was a quest marker on them, which I suppose you can see in Kurosawa mode as well.

  13. He's probably talking about Uchitsune's mythical tale. I can see how difficult that could be. Although, at the beginning of the tale, Yamato very clearly describes the flower, with one being next to him. So, it's still possible to do it.

  14. Shieldmen can be annoying. Especially the orange shields. So what I do is I wait for their first move, then perfect dodge. I follow up with a light attack, which I hold and release, that executes a delayed strike.

  15. The backblade never bothered me since I always use the Sakai steel sheath as a homage to the now-erased Sakai heritage.

  16. When I saw photos of Anne frank when I was younger (idk maybe 11 - 13?), I thought she was hot and ended up getting a hardon from her.

  17. Why is everyone so disturbed by the lack of furniture? This is so strange to me. There seems to be people here more concerned about the decorating choices and lack foliage of this lady than the caption. Which, even then, isn't that off-putting. This is far from being a tame sub, I know this. Maybe I just desensitized due to the existence of extremely ostentatious subreddits.

  18. Then... there's the people who are into amputees.

  19. Oh, please, someone do this! My sister took my computer for college and now I can't do any edits!

  20. I second this guy's question. Tell me too!

  21. Omg... I completely forgot about the Rape Dwarf. How could I let this happen? I feel like I've missed all the character development now...

  22. Apologies for the n00b response, this sounds good - where do I get the gems? I've been getting runes, but not gems.

  23. The person you replied seems to be talking about Shadow of War, the sequel. You're playing Shadow of Mordor, right?

  24. a girl let me see her boobs once cause.i beat her in mario kart double dash

  25. Damn... I need to beat more woman...

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