1. I'm a domestic abuse survivor, and I'm still reeling almost 20 years later.

  2. Im so sorry you went through that! That’s a great perspective.

  3. Don’t worry… she will SHOW UP! We may only get her for a few eps but I’m hoping it’ll be incredible.

  4. I’m on month 6 of Covid rash. Been to 10 different doctors and been on 6 different creams and all the antibiotics. It seemed like it was getting better at one point but now it is continuing to get worse.

  5. Have you tried antihistamine? Taking Claritin every morning has seemingly helped me, but when I get stressed I still have these issues. So sorry you’re going through this too!

  6. OP, would you mind dropping some of the pods you listen to? I agree that the regurgitation of a Google search is tiresome, but it’s literally my jam when I’m coding lol- and I’m running out of episodes on pods like MFM, Crime Junkie & Vanished (I know, I Know… but CJ is my guilty pleasure).

  7. Root of Evil is bananas and took so many turns! I don't think any podcast I've ever listened to messed me up like that one.

  8. Yes! I started listening to it on a road trip to NY, and ended up sitting on my hotel bed listening to it for most of the trip. Definitely not one you can listen to in the background!

  9. They sell lulu at goodwill and the thrift store. My hometown thrift shop (in bumble fuck) even had a Lulu event 💀

  10. You’re not thinking of lularoe, are you? Those are super cheap. I’ve never ever seen lululemon at even a consignment shop.

  11. Nope, mine does Athletica, Lily Pulitzer, Michael Kors and Coach events.

  12. … where exactly in Bumblefuck are you? Asking for a friend who loves discounts… 😂

  13. Allegedly but according to Bron and Savannah they’ve been together since high school soooo 🤔

  14. Also according to the kid they had when they were 18 😂 Savannah has always been in the picture.

  15. For sure he’s a ball player. He might have had her on call once or twice but don’t be embarrassing yourself out here on national tv saying you “dated” him.

  16. What remedy to their grief do you see in this court filing?

  17. Closure comes in many different forms, and I would imagine the family is struggling due to all the unanswered questions left behind by Brian. The only people who have any information & are still able to voice it are silent and have been since day one, which is vile.

  18. So what you're saying is that there isn't any legal remedy here and the Petitos are abusing the court system?

  19. NTA- you truly need to take this info to the principal, and then the superintendent, and then the school board. Male or female, institution or individual- you are the guardian of your child, and you do not need to explain yourself in this situation. Schools often try to bully parents into giving out information that is truly not their business and not conducive to the learning environment.

  20. You are so right and I am so wrong. I truly mean that. Thank you. I was tired and should have kept my mouth shut.

  21. I love Casefile but it wasn’t that. This was more of a variety show with a host (possibly American) and guests. It wasn’t normally about true crime, just odd or interesting tales.

  22. This is probably a very dumb and obvious suggestion… but was it Unsolved Mysteries? This story sounds familiar to me, too.

  23. Respect to Tupac’s mother, too, Afeni Shakur who was a Black Panther activist and was jailed as one of the Panther 21 who were ultimately acquitted. Lala is disrespectful to both Tupac— great loss — and his mother with these absurd assertions.

  24. Lala, like a lot of other white people, don’t even care to read up on Tupac’s childhood, including how badass his mom was or how his poetry could solve a war just by its beauty alone.

  25. I was in this same position last year. Felt like I was coming in with a really competitive offer, only to be like the 3rd or 4th choice. My advice? Be patient, as painful as it is. I fell in love with the first house I saw, but didn’t get my offer accepted. Fast forward several weeks and about 20 houses later, the first offer on our dream house fell through and we were asked if our offer still stood.

  26. We had to show proof of funds on our appraisal gap coverage.

  27. Well, all I can say is the wannabes who wanted to live in my house didn’t, apparently.

  28. Love this strain! But can be hit or miss for me. Definitely a great sativa that doesn’t cause anxiety.

  29. People in my dumb little nothing hometown rent a stupidly placed billboard out for things like this and it makes me laugh that Kylie probably thought this was so edgy

  30. People go through years of military practice and finally get in with no credit. 1 girl writes a song and gets in and gets the news attention?

  31. You… you don’t really think Billie Eilish is in Ukraine killing Russians, do you?

  32. That sucks. Sounds like you got a not so great bag. I love GC and it's been pretty consistent for me when I get it. But yeah I've definitely gotten some dried put bud from almost every grower let alone RC products.

  33. Agree- also, I will say RC is very consistent with their Blue Steel strain. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a dry bud with that strain. Just sucks to have bud so dry it crumples in your fingers.

  34. The worst. Put a slice of carrot or cucumber in the jar/bag but even better a mini boveda pack. They'll instill some life back into the buds.

  35. Never heard of the cucumber/carrot… thanks! I’ll use it when I’m in a pinch next time.

  36. If that’s true, the consumer would be better off buying POW’s own brand. Much cheaper and better quality than the two strains I tried from Chizle.

  37. I recently purchased Tangie Power and it left me super paranoid and depressed… probably one of the only strains I’ve ever had in the program that have made me feel that way. I previously tried Olentagie and wasn’t impressed. The brand packages their 2.83s in a large jar and throws a boost pad in it that doesn’t do much… and honestly, the buds looked more like smalls. I wish I would have taken a picture. Not worth it for the price, imo.

  38. Love RC! If you feel like this one makes you sleepy, try Wild Cat. Perfect strain to get shit done!

  39. To be fair, they did price this 30% off… but yes, I really only purchase POW bud as an “add on” and know it will be hit or miss!

  40. Not that my opinion matters much, but as a mom of 4 little kids, I can tell you that my relationships with each one of them is so different. I would post a dry caption to celebrate one’s birthday, because he’s funny and sarcastic and would appreciate that more than a heartfelt one. My oldest, on the other hand, would be hurt if I didn’t write a heartfelt note to him. Just different personalities and relationships that come into play when you have a large family.

  41. Yes- I make it a couple times a week. Not too rough to get there since it’s in the middle of nowhere.

  42. I bought it, I was very unimpressed. No smell, was dry even with a humidity pack and the effect was meh also. I had the gelato cake.

  43. Same here. I got Olentangie, wasn’t super impressed but will probably buy from the brand again because I like their prices.

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