1. Does he ever say he’s those thing though or are you just labeling him that?

  2. Just because you’re Christian and a nationalist doesn’t make you a Christian nationalist. 2. There are no actual nationalist in the government like you are trying to imply. I’m sure there are pro america first people in the government but not nazi style nationalists

  3. Your comment is the embodiment of the "You criticize society yet you live in society. Curious! I'm very smart!" meme.

  4. What do you mean? I love capitalism and have no complaints.

  5. Prisoners actually prefer private prisons over the others.

  6. Firstly, I’d like to see a source because I doubt that. Secondly, it’s not about what prisions prefer it’s about it being incentivised to keep prisions full. If there’s an incentive for prisions to be kept at a certain capacity you can bet they will create enough prisoners to do that

  7. The source is my roommate that just got out but that doesn’t matter. Second, you need to be tried and convicted by a jury of your peers so it’s not like they are making stuff up and throwing people in jail

  8. Just have to deal with people occasionally telling you how much better it is if you aren’t circumcised

  9. I want to change the healthcare system and fix it just not through universal healthcare unless it’s a last resort. Being anti UH doesn’t mean you think our current system is good

  10. I mean I’m not arrogant enough to think i have the solution. I would like to see markups taken down, maybe a policy if you’re uninsured or insurance refuses to cover you your bill is dropped to cost, encouraging charities to help cover medical bills at that lowered cost.

  11. Paid for by tax dollars, you walnut. Which is what tax dollars should be spent on, improving the lives of all, you fried cactus.

  12. Oh we should just do a 100% tax and like the government improve all of our lives

  13. No one ever says “you know what this company needs, more men”

  14. You are literally describing how people learn in the real sense. What you are complaining about can literally be applied anything anyone says about anything. Any truth you know is simply based on information you have at this current moment, as you gather further information, what you hold to be true before, may not be infact true now that you know more about it. That is called learning. My son is 5, he thinks that wheels make a car go, while technically true, it is the engine that makes it go, and that engine is possible through what we've learned through something called physics, a collection of observations various people have made through the years. What he knows to be true right now is that wheels make a car go, as he learns about the various processes that make those wheels move the car, his understanding of what makes a car go will change, as will his answer to what makes a car go.

  15. No, respectfully your 5 year old is wrong. Wheel don’t make a car go. They allow it to roll.

  16. Respectfully, that is the point. You're so close, but oh so far. He might be wrong, which we all know he is, but from his limited understanding of how vehicles work, that's his truth. I've begun to teach him about the engine and various parts that makes those wheels turn, but he needs to learn those inner workings to understand why the wheels aren't what makes it go, though his initial observation based on his limited knowledge, says the wheels do.

  17. Ok so if someone said wheels are what makes a car go, then comes back and says, i was wrong the axle makes the car go, then they say the transmission, etc etc. you would eventually think that person opinion is bullshit because they have routinely made incorrect statements

  18. When it’s relating to a specified group it’s ethical.

  19. I’m not asking for anything. I’m pointing out an unethical thing that is normalized

  20. First rule of my house is that my house doesn’t exist

  21. Wait, people were still locking themselves down recently?

  22. How about I shit down your throat instead?

  23. No but it will be yours when you become my bitch.

  24. Well if that turns into my thing i guess thank you for allowing me to do my thing

  25. Down vote me if you can see this comment

  26. No, Hitler had way more power than you could have now because of the weimarer republik plus Germany is surronded by Nato and EU, they dont really have something to take

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