HP has turned their printers into ransom devices. I will never buy an HP again.

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  1. Yeah I played outbreak with that glitch a while ago

  2. To be clear, you mean that the cooldown getting reduced by each kill is the cooldown for the weapon that has the CDR on Kill stat, but NOT that only kills with said weapon count toward CDR. Right?

  3. It's a compass that leads you to the nearest bar.

  4. Me2 was my into into the series so everyone was a new character..

  5. Whichever weapon I haven't leveled up/unlocked camos for yet.

  6. I try to get stuff delivered to lockers as much as possible, particularly if I don't know for sure that I'll be in. The idea of delivery drivers going around to each individual house / flat and ringing a doorbell for someone who might not even be in, it just doesn't seem sustainable to me. It encourages the couriers to takes risks with people's packages and to take risks on the road as well, to meet unrealistic targets. Much better for them to go to a locker and drop off / collect multiple packages at once.

  7. Good idea in theory but it doesn't work for people with mobility problems, also if the recipient is not in then leaving a package outside the flat door is usually safe (not the communal main entrance).

  8. Most delivery drivers are in the gig economy where they literally get paid by the parcel. Not only that but they are pressured to deliver parcels within a “slot”.

  9. I understand why it's done, however I don't accept it, that's a problem for the company to deal with not the customer.

  10. My glasses are already like at least an inch too wide for Quest 2. Only HMD that's really worked well for mine is PSVR, which has been amazing. I can't bring myself to play anything that's available on Quest/PC on it, but the PS4 exclusives are great.

  11. Glasses arn't really a probalem because you have been able to buy lens inserts from somewhere like

  12. Omg the torture. I don't understand why developers can't let us change mid gameplay

  13. If you play on pc you can with save editors

  14. Had to be said. Who plays a “team” mode and doesn’t bother to communicate

  15. Me, and I'm good at it, I have a mic but it's almost never needed - I can take care if myself and often revive if anyone needs it and sometimes share guns if I have excess points, oh and I'm usually in a private call with friends. The mic is only really relevent if someone wants to do an Easter egg and even then if they know what they are doing it's not nessessory.

  16. Ascension? Kino? Both of those were pretty basic round 30s at the time

  17. The highest I got was round 37 on ascention because about round 30 on the ps3 the framerate dropped with 4 players(never liked solo) and eventually it was impossible to continue.

  18. Fair. I just don’t think round 30 was at all “unheard of”. Maybe challenging, but definitely not out of the norm for a good portion of the player base.

  19. Not unheard of but also not basic like you said, it took hours to reach high rounds and no pause button ment this had to be done in one continuous go with even toliet breaks being risky.

  20. I bought a pack of 4 twirls the other day for £1.25 from morrisons..

  21. Yeah fair enough when you buy in packets, but individually it’s the same price. Also the prices for the drinks are the same or even cheaper. A lot of shops near me sell cans for £1

  22. You're a fool if you buy the individual items, but keep doing it, it will keep the price for the packets low for me.

  23. Why remaster? It's a 2018 game that holds up perfectly well. It looks beautiful.

  24. Says the guy who just started hating on the other games out of nowhere

  25. It's really hard on it. You can YouTube it and they can explain in detail. Only use type c if you have absolutely no choice. You can find the normal chargers on Amazon. Or even the Asus website

  26. You have a source on that? This is the first I've heard it and sounds dubious - a quick YouTube/Google search didn't come up with anything relevent.

  27. Yeah, I basically wanted to say what the other guy said, I wouldn't even consider usb c for gaming because it's obvious even without the battery drain part that you would get less performance, but for general usage and as a second charger ucb c is fine.

  28. Don't bother during the 6week summer holidays, it's ridiculously expensive, but anytime outside that period you can probally find a decent deal - I used to like using the sun hols for 9.50 for visit multiple places along the south/east coasts. £40-60 total a week(for up to 4 people +didn't need entertainment) was fantastic for a Butlins/haven stay, sadly haven and Butlins have stopped doing that deal this year this and I haven't looked into the other places.

  29. I’m not sure how some ronins use all their bombs one wave just to wipe it out. Because then you’re out of bombs for the next two waves on that one wave :p

  30. There are plenty of ways to refill ammo; Munitions + lucky, spirit kunai, offerings and refill ghost ammo blessing on some maps, that being said I never liked ammo micromanagement.

  31. The quest 1 is not that old, for what you want to do with it it seems like a great deal, I’d say you should get a q1 charger because I saw a lot of quest’s charging port melting when using a third party charging cable.

  32. My quest 1 charger is still in the box, just don't use a cheep knock off charger/cable from somewhere like eBay and it will be fine, I alway charge my quest with the same charger i use to charge my S10 phone because it's easier.

  33. I told royal mail to get knotted last week after they failed to deliver a package, I didn't think they would take it literally.

  34. We nicked a trolley from Tesco once to push all our booze home in the wee hours. My mate thought putting a bit of tarp he found over it would hide the trolley (it didn't).

  35. During uni I was too lazy to carry my shopping to the accomodation so I used to borrow a trolly and return it later when I went out again, one time when I did this I met another guy doing the same thing but on the return trip.

  36. The HP printer I had, when purchased, had "free" ink if you were below 15 pages/month. Since I rarely print, and I could up the plan if I had a sudden printing need, it was a decent deal.

  37. I'm still on that plan, still free for me here in the UK.

  38. What turns me off from HP is that they put chips inside their cartridges that say "oh this ink is too old" despite the fact that it would work fine otherwise. That's completely

  39. I rarely need to print anything and a while ago I subscribed to the free version of hp instant ink, I can print up to 15 pages per month and hp will replace the ink completely free, this offer is no longer available for new customers. It's a great service however there is a problem - I usually go months without printing something and during this time the ink cartridge dries up, the result is that when I print a page it's often unreadable, to fix this I contact hp manually who send another cartrage but an experation date on the cartage might actually be useful to me.

  40. So I activated the trap with the black volatile inside and the quest updated, but as the doors shut it jumped out and escaped, I then killed it(with LV 9 gear after finishing the story) and the game acted like I trapped it and the quest completed.

  41. The new update sucks; I don't care about the look of the site, but I do care that the serval tabs I have open are now useless because the URLs of all the series have changed and that the site went down for several hours.

  42. The game with the most up and downs was ME1 because of the Mako’s handling

  43. Nah, it's ME1 because of the elevator load times.

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