1. It’s lime sherbet but they just put Bert on the side. It taste amazing and nice uplifting feel that’s not too much

  2. Definitely agreed, the name is on the other side. I made a video for YouTube but never put it up

  3. Super dry 3 days into being opened, unfortunately I didn't have any humidity packs. Could it be due to being left in the jar in my car in the cold weather...

  4. What does the cbd stop? I like cbd and delta 8 but people knock it being paired with delta 9 or being mixed

  5. Thank you for the clarification. I will keep this in mind moving forward.

  6. If this subreddit has taught me anything you should just have to look at it wrong and it will fall apart.

  7. My sister got hell on wheels. I was impressed with that one, also

  8. Likewise, I'm in cincy so it's a relief not to have to drive to dayton to get quality flower at a reasonable price. Soon as the tier system is gone. Companies will have to keep up with demand

  9. I swear you can twist it for air flow I could be wrong but I twisted mine certain ways and it hits different after not hitting for a sec

  10. Pebbles has treated me nice, which one is stronger to you and or last longer as far as effects

  11. Yellow springer same here, chiesel is alright. I'm pairing the two fir decent effects give them both solid 7s out of 10

  12. Gig work doesn't drug test lol. But formal I doordash part time I make grat money and no cons besides no benefits. Most security jobs I've gotten didn't care.

  13. I don’t like the certified carts, I did initially and found them to be underwhelming after a few uses and I don’t like the carts either. I did just purchase a hon pod (banana glue) and I can’t say it hits pretty hard.

  14. Same half way through and effects trailed off... I got the banana glue pod too

  15. Some of those carts especially supply have been sitting a while I think

  16. My jet lag gi super dry and crumbled like dust after a day. But should be fine with a humidity pack

  17. Thanks, I can never tell of the trip os going to be worth the purchase but it definitely wold be a waste of time and gas to go when they randomly close.. does it say it on the website?

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