1. What if red and yellow is based off Ironman color scheme, just a thought if they try to re introduce him

  2. Thats dope I missed this one but got the sunset sherb badder container is Kool but not as dope as the one for shatter

  3. I just don't want to have to pay admission then pay for the game. Looking for more traditional places or places like D & B

  4. Pinball Garage in Hamilton, has a machine similar to a claw machine. I often see them showing people winning ps5s.

  5. Definitely gonna be a more female empowering movie. And black females at that, Go Marvel Can't wait to see a diverse Xmen team on the big screen

  6. Lack of sirens is what I noticed I drove right after it hit and didn't know it. No warning at all I thought it was just supposed to rain

  7. I had a doordash order from kenwood to Loveland to right past Milford, I was right behind it unknowingly. I did not take pictures but if you know anyone out there I would check on them. Almost every tree for a few blocks were Down missing cars and and most houses from what I seen. I can only imagine what Goshen looks like

  8. They're regular CO2 carts are actually pretty decent. I've had a few of them and they're definitely not the worst and the Terps taste ok.

  9. Whip it is very nice. Still haven’t bought orange 43 even though I love terpinolene. I guess cauS I’ve seen so much hype I’m afraid it will let me down 😂. I love that exhale on whip it though. Very minty

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