1. I feel this. Also 24, not a virgin because of some drunk hookups but I feel like I might as well be because they were all years ago and I have no experience beyond that. I’m terrified to date too

  2. I used to self injure. And I cry a lot lol

  3. That video was definitely a trip for me because it gave me an Ideas of Reference moment: it felt like he may have been following me around. It's really intoxicating to imagine that autism is more about hyper-concretizing and schizophrenia is about being so abstract that hardly anything is concrete, like two polar opposites that end up mingling in mind-bending ways, but you run into the problem almost immediately if you spend time in either community: some people identifying as Autism Spectrum Disorder are definitely good at working with abstraction, and sometimes you find a person with schizophrenia who takes everything literally.

  4. Yeah. They’re both spectrum disorders that vary a lot in trait presentation. It’s a fun theory but it doesn’t really hold weight. Also people who say this often seem to ignore negative symptoms (like concretism, as you mentioned) that overlap considerably with core autism traits.

  5. I had to do a work training for a new position I just got promoted to yesterday and I was involuntary laughing the whole time

  6. I think about my prodrome a lot. Mine was a lot more recent though. I also felt extremely despair inducingly cut off from other people and remember having the sense that something had changed about myself and the way I experienced the world but I could not articulate it at all. I still struggle to explain it in a way other people understand.

  7. Between the ages of 14-16 I started to get the feeling that I was no longer my “real” self living my “real” life. This coincided with a period of significant social withdrawal and I felt like I wasn’t even a part of society anymore, that even when I had normal interactions and experiences they didn’t “count” for whatever reason. We read this short story in English class where the teacher said that a characters borrowed coat represented “his borrowed life” and I remember that really resonating with me. Like I went home and cried about it and started wishing i could go back to the real world and my real life. Over the years I’ve developed this massive almost unbearable inferiority complex. I also relate to a lot of the other elements of it like that my thoughts aren’t really mine, that can also be unbearable lol.

  8. Car accident. I’m terrified to drive lol

  9. Kinda. I don’t do a lot of cosmetic stuff so my hair looks kind of bad a lot (it’s thick and wavy and hard to manage) and a lot of my clothes end up wrinkled or with holes etc. disheveled like I said in another comment. I often wear clothes are too big. sometimes I’ll wear a winter hat coat scarf etc when the weather doesn’t really call for it. I’ve gotten compliments on my clothes a lot though

  10. I’m not sure if this symptom applies to me or not. I don’t think my clothing choices are all that eccentric. But I may be a little disheveled. I don’t take great care of my clothing so wrinkles and stains are normal. And I will wear the same thing for several days. Sometimes I take the time to comb my hair and brush my teeth but sometimes I don’t.

  11. Same. I feel like I always look disheveled.

  12. I definitely relate to this. I feel like I see the “gears and wires” under society and the world and it makes me feel really weird when others don’t

  13. Something interesting is that Elsa actually originally shot up in popularity after frozen was released, but then ended up falling just as fast

  14. The closest thing to water without questionable ingredients is......?

  15. Hallucinations like you’ve described are pretty common in ptsd and nothing else you’ve said really makes it sound like you have sz. But since you do have a family history it’s probably worth getting assessed. Childhood abuse is a sz risk factor as well (although the vast majority still don’t develop it)

  16. This is such obvious fetish shit what the fuck

  17. Supposedly up to half of people diagnosed with marijuana related psychosis end up developing schizophrenia

  18. I can't deal with how much they hate kids and how normal they think it is. Imagine if it were any other age group.

  19. Honestly that is how a lot of people view the elderly lol

  20. Stay in school and in contact with friends instead of isolating

  21. Yes. If I had to guess it would be that people don’t understand my thought processes even if they aren’t really properly disorganized

  22. Hi, im not an antinatalist but these posts pop up for me alot. I just wanted to ask this because it feels relevant: would an antinatalist not be against adoption? privatized infant adoption in the US is pretty much a billion dollar industry and it does rely on continuing to encourage mothers to go through with unwanted pregnancy to supply their families with infants. Without more underprivileged moms giving birth, there is no real adoption industry since finances is the biggest reason cited for giving children up for adoption. Wouldnt antinatalists only be in support of foster-to-adopt? Thanks in advance.

  23. Yes antinatalists should be against infant adoption. A lot of people don’t know anything about the adoption industry though and just use “just adopt!” As a gotcha

  24. It always blows my mind how many Reddit users will read these little vignettes of complete strangers situations and make such confident sweeping judgments about them. You know like three things about these peoples lives but feel comfortable telling this guy that letting his autistic teenager rot in jail is the best course of action?

  25. I’m diagnosed with schizophrenia and I’m pretty sure I also have dyspraxia. There probably is a connection bc they’re both neurodevelopmental disorders and nd disorders in general tend to have high Comorbidity and trait overlap.

  26. I think mine was pretty long but it’s hard to tell what was that and what was other stuff. I also think I’ve had schizotypal traits since around middle school, possibly before.

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