1. Isnt that $896k per TRU (tax retrieval unit)? Wouldnt robot dogs with guns be cheaper? You dont have to pay them retirement...

  2. Man, looking at those categories, does adhd stand for adulthood disease?

  3. according to my research if the mag can be removed (even bolt guns) you cant have features

  4. The safe act applies to semi-auto. If you are not semi-auto, the safe act doesnt apply.

  5. Ballpark on the number of rounds?

  6. Wonder if there is any data correlating anti-gun rhetoric with NICS background checks.

  7. As braced slingshots and toy guns are already illegal, the deadly 0.22 probably wont make it to 2024 if NY politicians continue to ignore SCOTUS and are not slapped down by one of the courts.

  8. I am only an armorer, not a smith, am in LaFayette south of the city. Msg me if you want to talk through your issue and options.

  9. America. Where the goberment has more fat than the people who live here...

  10. By law what’s considered permanent is pinning and welding or using silver solder. ATF ruled any method have a melting point of atleast 1600°F for anything to be considered permanent, basically the shop is just trying to cover their asses.

  11. The atf rule is for barrel lengths, with precedence.

  12. Ok but it’s made clear that epoxy or red loctite isnt permanent as they could be easily removed by just elbow grease and maybe some heat. Sure pinning and welding or silver solder isn’t exactly permanent either as one can most certainly undo it with the right tools but it’s enough to satisfy big daddy government. I hope that bill passes but unfortunately it’s unlikely.

  13. No argument. Pin and weld is definitely acceptable.

  14. The more words there are, the more loop holes you create.

  15. I performed the following upgrades on my tandy1000a. Single drive 5.25 to dual 3.5 Add 20MB hardcard Speed up processor from 4.7 to 12 mhz...

  16. Looks like i am in age group 'etc', and have been for a while...

  17. ... is a sign of American state governments agreeing to the limits set on federal governemnt in the constitution, codifying it into law.

  18. It closes some doors (privacy) opens others (helping friends, getting guns shipped straight to you from all over)

  19. Does the pencil get the point? If not, he will be erased...

  20. Same cop will stomp you into the ground when his boss says its time to take your guns.

  21. Is this a repeat from earlier or are we at 3x or 4x?

  22. Use the 1/4 inch staples, the longer ones can get stuck in the skull bone...

  23. Can modern point of sale systems do 1000%?

  24. Expect the same thing when the cop is sent to get your guns. Where a neck brace.

  25. Neeson doesnt have alzheimers does he?

  26. If the government prints money it never intends to collect back in taxes (debt), maybe that is governemnt funded?

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