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This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Luke Smith enters the room. clears throat Ahem, sunsetting is returning.

  2. Bots are botting hard today.

  3. Oh christ this thread is a shit show in certain spots.. Ya'll realize this is just a fucking video game right?!

  4. I've owned more mustangs than I care to admit and probably qualify for a Ford tramp stamp tattooed on my ass sponsored by them.

  5. Look, I'm no mechanic but I feel like this similar to complaining about a woman who shaves before sex.

  6. I propose we change it from “Turks” to “turkeys”. All in favor?

  7. Quick, someone tell the bot it's in the wrong thread!

  8. Which way is up? Is this walls meeting a ceiling corner? Either way you are not living in what people call a “healthy environment”

  9. Turn your phone sideways. Looks like grey is the floor.

  10. Dude you need a new house.

  11. Is that a shepherd boarder collie mix?!

  12. I'm starting to think Poland really hates Russia.

  13. Don't blame him. If you ever go into the back country there's a ton of shady shit and your closest back up is at least an hour away.

  14. You're in luck. I'm bad at spealling.

  15. Probably because they're most likely keys dude has to carry around for work and gives even less than a fuck about them.

  16. Let me understand this.. Hunters not only have a difficult enough time finding armor to max both mobility and resilience.. now we're getting boned even harder in PVE because mofos dodge too much in PVP?!


  18. Dumb question. Are the current seasons leaving come lightfall?

  19. Paul Tassi just posted an article about this issue and directly linked this thread in the article.

  20. bungie has confirmed this is a one time bug.. You can tell the folks in that 'help' forum are a bunch of imbeciles and never worked with software.

  21. Why is it always Germany with this weird rules?

  22. Ohh just you wait until you work in corporate America and learn about German privacy laws from abroad..

  23. Yo not to be that guy but the grenade missed. The end 'explosion' is the grenade explosion replayed but slowed down.

  24. This might sound off but I'm relatively sure LS drops are time gated to the activity. I ran a some for hours on end doing sub 2 min clears with one exotic drop every 12-15 runs. I reached the point of rage quitting the game.

  25. In your deleted comment you seemed to be suggesting that sneaking onto someone else’s property to hunt is less bad. If you’re gun hunting, you might be sending rounds onto someone else’s property anyway. Point is, no matter what you’re doing you should always get permission (preferably in writing) first before doing it. I think we actually agreed on that point before your comment was deleted.

  26. I didn't delete any comments? You might've been looking at someone else's.

  27. Oh, well I first replied to somebody’s comment that’s now deleted. What OP is describing is a university owned ag field with some shitty brush in the corner where there’s a power line ROW or something in that ball park. Anything is possible but I doubt the place is crawling with hunters when OP made no mention of other random trucks parking nearby to indicate anyone other than farmers are using the land. He lives adjacent to this property so it would be pretty hard for him not to notice a truck or two that doesn’t belong to the farmers parking near there during hunting season.

  28. I hear ya. One thing we do around here to deter attention is to drive a Subaru or Honda SUV with a Jesus fish or other dumb bumper stickers 😂

  29. I've been down this road with remodels from hell. When you're done, scrape the excess into a box or garbage bag. Fill the bucket with water. Let it sit for a little and use a hard bristle brush and clean the sides/bottom. Dump it and use a garden hose to finish it off.

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