1. Is there a formal name for "Anything that requires human labor to produce is inherently not a human right?" Something like "Sowell's Law," maybe?

  2. How dare you infringe my right to force the government to force you to provide me healthcare at gunpoint!!!!


  4. OMG this guy was stabbed with a knife, how come he isn't in favor of a nation wide knife ban?!

  5. Of course he would be a sword wielder. He's more equal than others.

  6. Is the event locked to females?

  7. No, but I have bad luck hahaha

  8. I searched it up on serebii for you. I think the event lechonk is actually locked to males lol

  9. Oh wow thanks! I didn't think to check somewhere like that. Lucky for me!

  10. Gotta have the backup within arm’s reach for when someone gives you a useless cardboard straw.

  11. And the baccup apparently too.

  12. The point he’s making is that if you or I did what Trump did, there would be no question that we would be prosecuted. The only reason there has been any hesitation is because of the potential political ramifications.

  13. That's doubtful considering Michal Cohen hs a signed statement made in 2018 saying he was never reimbursed by Trump or the Trump organization for the Stormy Daniels cover up.

  14. Cohen was charged for making the payments. That's not what Trump is being accused of. Trump is being accusee of reimbursement toichawl Cohen of those funds. As it stands today, Michael Cohen is on record that he was jot reimbursed by Trump or the Trump organization, and no part of Michael's convictions including admitting to being reimbursed, only to making the payments. They're different crimes.

  15. The way the commenter worded it is a bit weird, but it's not your state. Most states, including very employee friendly states like New York, would allow an employer to deduct over payments caused by mathematical and clerical errors from wages. California is actually the only state I know that doesn't allow it without employee consent and even then that consent is very commonly added 8nto the direct deposit authorization form you sign when you start.

  16. I'm still admired with all this reaction honestly and the amount of people here. People have been giving up on this game for years now, imo it's still the biggest ruined idea for a game I've ever seen. Still looks blue and green like an alpha game since launch, it's all about collecting and not playing, collecting all Pokemon's that come out super slowly and don't stop coming out because business, collecting all different versions of the Pokémon that also come out gradually, no communication with other players inside the game, raids are only for whales and people who can find a group to play with and in urban places... I really hoped this game would eventually turn around, a version 2.0 or even something would happen at niantic to change their strategies... We are 9 years deep and this is the kind of news I keep seeing

  17. The entire premise of the debate is you're jot just choosing for yourself. You're choosing for another life that never had a chance.

  18. It's really common if you don't take care of yourself. Don't slouch, don't bend your wrists, get an ergonomic keyboard and sit at the proper height for your desk.

  19. If only we'd have placated her delusions and not passed the drag bill, she wouldn't have been forced to kill innocent children.

  20. I have a friend who’s last name is Habib. She’s been my friend for 13 years and sometimes I still can’t believe that’s her real last name hahahaha

  21. I don't understand the context behind Habib, is it a slur?

  22. Don't wear a uniform for military appreciation night:

  23. It’s most likely that previous owner disabled the touchscreen because it was a common issue for the touch screen to glitch and make infotainment unusable. I had the issue in my 2014 and I disabled the touchscreen until Mazda recalled the screen and I had it replaced.

  24. You're thinking the previous owner used AIO to disable the touchscreen?

  25. "... or you must live in the same state or you are immediately rejected."

  26. I’m not sure why you are commenting and being a Buccee’s apologist, but they only get a 7-10 min lunch break. They cannot go to their cars or leave the premises and they cannot sit down. Argue with yourself or go sing this place’s praises to all the current employees you know. Their labor practices are crap and their turnover rate bares that out.

  27. Media is saying transgender woman. Does that mean a born male who now identifies as a woman or born female who now identifies as a man?

  28. The shooter was born female and pretends to be a man.

  29. Lol - the shooting was in Nevada, right near the California border. WHOOPS.

  30. As soon as that got pointed out it's, "Oh yeah, well this happened in the NV side of the of the Lake. Doubt California had anything to do with it.

  31. What is who doing to end the democracy? Putting an end to elections or declaring themselves permanent ruler or something?

  32. Not sure why you got downvoted as it's a fair question. Netanyahu is basically trying to make the courts serve him. Pretty much going the standard autocrat route like Erdogan and Orban and Putin before him.

  33. Because it's Reddit and I dared not blindly follow the "popular" opinion without asking more questions.

  34. You ignored what I actually argued, and reiterated a point I hadn’t contested as if it rebutted me.

  35. Bro you sent me a private message telling me to go fuck myself. Give up, you already lost. No one does that while winning an argument.

  36. Reading the comments on r conservative drains my health.

  37. Not just that, but also places like

  38. Also TRO vs RO is super important. TRO is ok you two stay away from eachother until this gets to court. RO means it went to court and the judge upheld it.

  39. Yeah, people here are seriously not understanding that you could get a TRO against a ham sandwich.

  40. I miss midnight releases, tbh. Yes it's convenient to be able to download the game and play right away, but there's something about going out to the store and talking with everyone else in line around you about the game and other similar interests. My introverted self likes to be social sometimes.

  41. I live in a moderately sized city and we still hit Gamestop for every single Pokemon midnight release. They started doing most of them at 9PM, but Nintendo adamantly refuses to let them break street date.

  42. Once the government controls health / healthcare they control every single aspect of your life.

  43. Yup, can't smoke it'll raise healthcare costs. No tanning. No drinking. No excessive sugar consumption. You must eat 100% pure insect based health rations.

  44. Yeah exactly. Even though the fauxine doesn't stop you from catching it or spreading it we know for sure it must be her.

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