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  1. I saw a huge pickup truck last week with a "Fake Taxi" and a "Let's go Brandon" sticker on ttheir back windshield. I couldn't roll my eyes big enough at that one.

  2. Meetup.com is a great way to meet folks! I too am on Lexapro. If I can be of any help just lemme know.

  3. It would be so nice to not be marooned on Pelham road! Trying to leave my neighborhood without a car is a death sentence, and i cant drive

  4. Took me 25 minutes one day last week to get to Cleveland Park from my Apartment that is only 3.5 miles away. Granted it was 5:00 traffic, but dang.

  5. My friend even said he thinks she's done this last time he was here. He said that was like a week ago or something.

  6. Same car was there last Wednesday. I did a double take on my way to the tennis courts.

  7. I started taking Vitamin D a few weeks ago after a dietician friend of mine suggested I take it because my calcium was low. My energy levels have increased big time. No more sleeping at my desk on my lunch break every day. I go for walks or play ping pong instead. I always had lingering aches and pains in my legs If I tried to go for a walk. Pain is gone now. I used to drink coffee all day and now only 1-2 cups per week. It's been a game changer for sure.

  8. Freedom Tennis might work for you. Also,I’m a 4.0 and run the Greenville Tennis Group on meetup.com. PM me if you’d like to play singles or doubles sometime!

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