Fort Bourtange, Holland

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  1. It depends on the contaminant. Mercury cannot be removed it’s in the muscle of the fish. The skin / fat have high amounts of other contamination that can be reduced by not eating the skin / cooking. But again it depends on the contamination. Eat smaller younger fish if possible

  2. Right. That’s how much I’ve been able find so far. I probably wouldn’t even eat smaller fish in pfas contaminated water. I’m trying to find out if I can clean those fish up enough to where they’re safe to eat by keeping them in a clean body of water for a certain amount of time.

  3. Yeah I honestly don’t think that’s possible. Or companies / universities would have huge holding tanks 🙈

  4. Rather then that I assumed they try to prevent further pollution so the wildlife can recover.

  5. Very true all over the world. Most gyms have exactly this atmosphere.

  6. You need to get as many credit cards and other lines of credit possible. All at once, so the hit on FICO scoring is minimised to one 90 day period. There are credit building "loans" out there, secured deposits that you borrow against, car loans etc. Also get anyone with good credit (old established lines) to make your details into an "authorised user", so that it filters into your own credit report. Over a short period of time the score will jump to 800, no problem.

  7. About that last part. Did I understand that right? Your saying after I buy a imaginary house for 400k and the property is valued 200k I can get another tax assessment we’re they might value the property at 100k and therefor I’ll pay half property tax? And for that I have 60 days after purchase date?

  8. I get some of it but how is feeling the water temperature easier then looking at the water and actually seeing it boil. The moment it hits 100C you can see it happening...

  9. Yeah because you definitely want the whole world to know you have Bitcoin.

  10. The person buying this has already told everyone, their dogs and their dogs fleas about their glorious Bitcoin investment.

  11. Why’d you need to hookup the screen though LOL

  12. Dude. Literally anything that returns 10x is a crazy good investment. Stop Being greedy. Everyone got in too late after satoshi.

  13. I would imagine companies with trillions of dollars in assets under management can afford to mine for their own btc. I can’t see why that isn’t the next step. The people with the money will always have an edge. Morgan chase can set up a massive solar farm and mine it in AZ lol

  14. Mining equipment doesn’t grow on trees. Who knows what happens By the time they have set this up. They want to buy now.

  15. Damn everybody sell quick before it drops down to 38000 where it has to remain forever because Elon musk can decide 1 Bitcoin has to be worth 1 Tesla...

  16. Not where I’m from (had to check cause then I couldn’t have slept).

  17. Imagine your mom gave you $20 allowance. Next month she smoked to much weed and spend all her money. So she prints out a piece of paper hands it to you and says if you take this I will give you $20 + $1 in the Future. Not exactly but you get the gist. As long as other governments believe that the government printing money will in the future be good for that money they can create money out of thin air. And like always we suffer in the end...

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