Why Germany can't and will not stop gas imports from Russia in the next days. So please stop bickering.

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  1. I stuck in the same issue with my Macbook Air M1. All USB-C to Ethernet Adapters from diffrent Brands (Lenovo, Dell, Linksys etc...) don't perform well. So it seems chipset related. I have bought now a Adapter with the Realtek RTL8156 Chipset (It's a 2.5Gbit Adapter) and everytyhing works now fine. To more precise i am a technician and i need this when i go to customers to troubleshoot internet uplinks. So i have perform with my new Adapter diffrent Tests like iperf3 tests Macbook Air M1 directly connected with Ethernet Cable to Linux Box,

  2. I can now finally confirm the problem is solved. The Issue is related to the Chipset. I have now bought a USB-C Ethernet Adapter with the Realtek RTL8156 Chipset and this Adapter can achieve without problem Gbit Speeds by Up and Download. I perform diffrent tests with Iperf3 from Macbook Air M1 directly connected to a Linux Box. I made diffrent speedtests with the

  3. The cause of the problem seems to be found. The most USB-C Ethernet Adapters use the Realtek RTL8153 Chipset. This Chipset seems to work without any Problem on Intel Macs but not on Apple Silicon basedMacs. The solution is to buy a Ethernet Adapter with the Realtek RTL8156 Chipset. This is mostly 2.5 Gig Ethernet Adapters. I was not able to verify this by my own for the moment. But on diffrentforums this has solved the problems. Here is a link to macrumors forums who this get discussed:

  4. I have the same problem. I made tests with USB-C Ethernet Adapters from diffrent Brands who work all without Problem on my Macbook Pro 15 (Intel) but have a speed problem on my Macbook Air M1. I perform the tests with iperf3 (Macbook is connected with ethernet cable directly to another Notebook with build in Ethernet Card with Linux who play the iperf server) Before somebody will ask no the Linux Notebook is fine there is no Problem. You can have a look here i made screenshots about the Iperf messurements:

  5. Nobody fear it anymore. So bring nukes more vlad and his criminals have not to offer. poor animals 👎

  6. this sickness in brain he has is this painfull ?

  7. he need professional help!

  8. Based on this article (you can translate it to any other language) it seems for me its nothing else than crying and excusing arround in germany instead of now finally make a point bite in the sour apple and stop it immediatly:

  9. Its a lie to just in general announce it like its just today do it and tomorrow you are top fit. its now one week later and it‘s still fucking pain full. And it looks like this will be still took some time. It would be the minimum to tell this like hey look normally everything is super after max one day but hey the shit could annoy you aswell several weeks or months than i would look diffrent at the situations. i need to work every day have two childs and for sure sport i cant do atm aswell not. so as for me doctor btw the provided informations by him should be just more detailed about it. just to mention i extra not read me through the internet before to not become any bad point of you but now i regret to not read first a lot by myself. anyway hope soon will be better cuz its just nasty annoying pain similar like toothpain 🤮

  10. The new ruck is awesome was a good decision to go for the eberlestock 🤜

  11. app from apple in combi with apple watch and no you can not set the load in the app

  12. i made my first ruck with this baby. Load was 20kg (i am sure he can hold 30kg plus) and i like it very much. i can definitly recommend this back pack.

  13. This is my new Setup. Eberlestock X41 Highspeed II. As soon i have done my first ruck i will tell you guys how it is usable or not 🤘

  14. where do you ruck in Switzerland? i was based in geneva for a few years and it was amazing for rucking. hoping to go back to visit in the summer when the pandemic dies down haha

  15. i am in the region of basel so the otherside of switzerland🤜

  16. I've had two 20l rynnäkköreppu broken from regular and exercise use. Transitioned to Mystery Ranch and never looked back. I've heard good things about RP80, though. Many people seem to be using it.

  17. something similar like rp80 i have already from tatonka. its very nice for highload. i guess i will decide between the tasmanian tiger or the eberlestock x41 highspeed.

  18. so i decided for the eberlestock 🤘

  19. Thank you for the flowers but still far far away from my target 8km below 60 mins so still a lot to train🤜

  20. What you see in my posts is from apple

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