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  1. They literallly just said they felt i had a weird vibe. I really have no idea what it is I did wrong or why they would say that, but apparently my vibes are off which is why they never spoke a word with me again (we were best friends before). Just makes me wonder if there really is something wrong with me and I just dont realise it.

  2. I'm feeling grateful that I read these posts, got a big case of the feels here. Thanks for sharing everyone!

  3. I'm grateful for my daughter. She's my life and I love her more than words can say. She's charming, sweet, funny as hell, and the most creative person in the world. I don't know how I lived the first twenty-something years of my life without her. Since she's been here I feel like she's always been a part of me. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never imagined how she could take away all the feelings of never-fitting-in in the world and all the depression-like feelings I had as a teen/young adult. I by no means show any of this to her except in the form of unconditional love. I hope one day someone can make her as happy as she makes me.

  4. I get the feeling you make her very happy and she feels incredibly loved

  5. I haven't had a period in several years. I recently lost 20 lbs and had bleeding. I was using a cream that contained estrogen and another with progesterone for some hot flashes and insomnia, wondering if this has anything to do with it? Scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I did have this happen before after going 14 months without one, had a biopsy of my uterine lining that was normal. My estrogen level has been super low. Have a strong family history of uterine cancer so I'm pretty nervous about this 😬.

  6. I had that a few years ago, at the time I was about a year into meno, no periods. Daughter came home from school and hit her period, and I started some light bleeding. I had a gyno appointment soon after and joked that my daughter’s hormones kick-started mine and my gynecologist frowned and said no. Got an internal ultra-sound and it was polyps in my uterus.

  7. Thank you for replying. I'm really hoping it was from the hormone cream, I am very deficient in estrogen.

  8. Tell her ass you are putting rent in escrow and calling the Health Department to file a complaint as well as the code department of your city. Need to have it professionally cleaned and sanitized and owner is on the hook for fixing this

  9. Question, why don't you insist the seller or representing real estate agency remove that trash?

  10. I figured since I’ve already closed that I didn’t have any recourse. The sellers were a pain to even get out of the house. They didn’t start packing until the morning of closing and it was a shirt show to get them out in time. But worth talking to my realtor at the very least!

  11. Absolutely, take pictures and contact your realtor and if needed the board of real estate in the county you purchased. Sellers should be responsible for this clean up.

  12. A tux. Everyone looks good in a tux. Men, women, NB, young, old, middle-aged. I will always judge someone positively for wearing a well-fitted tuxedo when the occasion calls for it.

  13. Imo the reps giving out meals, concert tickets, vacations, needs to stop. That's bribery to use a product. Can't believe this is legal

  14. I've seen the power of the mask long before covid. Covid is still around. I saw many people suffer and die from covid. I have not been sick with even a cold since the pandemic started and we had a mask mandate. I am wearing my mask to public places, medical facilities, really wherever I feel the need.

  15. I will head over, and report back.

  16. It's a good time, I just have some rules for myself lol: never take my credit or debit card, if I lose what I took, I'm done. If I'm hitting and winning, I put back what I brought and don't let myself spend it. Had a couple big wins there and several wins involving a few hundred dollars, I take my winnings home, so once I've lost that original amount I bail. I normally always max bet on machines because that's how you win decent money in my opinion. Now I gotta head there lol!!

  17. I usually wait until the third or fourth week of May to put everything out or plant. Look at what you are planning to plant and see what it says about the tolerance. I do pot some plants up and put them out when the weather is over 45 and then I bring them in. I've had good luck with putting my starts out for just a small amount of time each day and slowly increasing that time outside to when I'm planting them

  18. Losing case from the beginning. No way they could prove intentional homicide. Prosecution over and inappropriately charged him. Yes, he ordered massive doses of fentanyl, yes he ordered it for people in grave condition with no chance of recovery who were having support withdrawn. I'm sorry but if you've ever seen someone suffer because they were not medicated appropriately you'd realize how inhumane it is. There needs to be serious reform in this area. Hopefully this case will open this door a little. If I'm ever in this position I hope my family and I am fortunate enough to have generous and heavy doses when extubating me to die. I don't want my family to see me suffer and I don't want to suffocate and suffer. I've seen people live for 10 years or more in a state where they cannot communicate, they literally lay all contracted and broken down, soiling themselves, unable to interact at all. That's the crime here, that's not living. Extreme measures keeping these shells alive. They can't eat and often can't breathe on their own. They would of died long ago if not for these things done to them to keep their body here. That's cruelty which should be punishable in my book.

  19. Once again there are protocols for terminal weaning. It’s tried and true in palliative care medicine. If someone is comfortable on the established protocols in palliative care medicine during the dying phase there is literally no reason to push an entire milligram of fentanyl, this is a gross deviation of standard of practice. This guy should not be treating patients and is criminally negligent.

  20. Out of curiosity, if (when, if we're being realistic) you are dying, how do you want it dosed? If there's zero chance you could survive and your family is watching you rattle and gasp, how long do you want them to sit and watch and how long do you want to exist like that?

  21. I'd want to be given a massive dose that would relieve my family and my suffering now. Should be a crime keeping brain dead people or people in a vegetative state alive. I've known two people who lived over 10 years like this. Wtf did they do to deserve that? Kept "alive" to rot in your own shit and piss, you look like hell, can't communicate at all....that's the true crime here and those that allow this and encourage this are criminals in my book.

  22. I'd be concerned about moisture under your slab

  23. Could you post a pic? Phone still in his possession for sure? Any ties to the Heath area?

  24. You are angry at the wrong person here. Be angry at our government. All humans should be entitled to basic dental, vision and Healthcare. It's insane that people walk around not being able to see, and with gum and dental issues. Those dental issues lead to health problems, not just cosmetic. Instead of bitching on here, write your congress and senate

  25. Call your city or county engineer and have them come look. When did you close on your home? No one noticed this or mentioned this during the inspection or buying process?

  26. I’ve seen multiple therapists since i was discharged, so in the past year, but it just made everything worse

  27. Have you tried Trauma therapy, emdr? Look realistically it's gonna take intense work to process what you've been thru and finding the right therapist can be a bit of a shit show.

  28. My god there's not adequate words. You are strong as hell. You did what you had to do to survive and you have. Please don't be hard on yourself and please don't hurt yourself. Stop judging yourself for things you did and how you had to live to make it. You were robbed and wronged, every adult in your life failed you. So fucking frightening and my heart hurts for you.

  29. Someone breathing on me. I can't stand it.

  30. Me too, I don't need to be hot breathed as I'm trying to sleep. Let's cuddle for a couple minutes then you go to the far left and I'm going far right

  31. Oh I loved it! Loved going skating with the disco balls and music blaring. I like to put some disco on and shake my groove thing still to this day

  32. Yeeeeep I'm 20 and I had 0 friends from Elementary to High and I dropped out in High after all the loneliness and suffering liver damage. Now I still have 0 actually close friends on the internet and 0 friends at all in real life. It's... so fucking lonely.

  33. I’m currently vaping the salty luster pod and it’s blowing me away in all the right ways! I have the tally Mon on my shelf, will crack into it in a few days. Curious to see what it tastes like to me, as I’ve had all the other forms of the strain!

  34. I purchased both of these and love the effects and taste! Nice to have some good choices!

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