How many trans women does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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  1. Sooo bow hunting people can shoot a bow? How is that possibile.

  2. What you are is ignorant of what was going on overseas. Just don’t burn our food kiddo

  3. Oh ok, im glad some rando that was once trusted with a riffle knows the deep secrets of international politics.

  4. No, we just know a little more than the kid who can’t get promoted last fry cook at McDonald’s 🤦‍♂️

  5. So you still know nothing, about the war you fought, about me..

  6. Yes, somebody who sells their intimacy to strangers is not a lasting relationship material.

  7. 1- nudity and sexual gratification is intimate. At least if you want a relationship and not just to fuck.

  8. Why do Americans measure their drugs in metric and not in washing machines or banaas or whatever fucked up scale of measurement they use?

  9. They slowly start to realise that using 1/2030458th of an ounce or whatever the fuck is less convenient.

  10. I think we're forgetting that in order to invent a faster spaceship, we need to invent and test slower spaceships.

  11. Or we can find a new mineral on an asteroid that would cause an incredible breakthrough.

  12. not denying it, nice. really hurt my feelings with that one. tbf i don’t care if you’re super homophobic, which i assume you won’t deny either. but i do care when you bully and harass other people for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

  13. Im not gonna deny anything because I dont owe you any explanation lol. Touch Grass, but unironically.

  14. bro i think i’d get migraines from holding an irl conversation with you. you’re the reason this sub is getting a bad rep so thanks ig

  15. Except, don’t British people call vegetables “veg”? “Gotta have your meat & veg!”

  16. Honestly I rarely see stinkers here, but im just browsing my feed and not sub as a whole

  17. Revenge is happening right now, revenge for what was 10 years ago. And 10 years ago there was revenge for what was 20 years ago. You dont get to judge who will be on the right side of history until its written and read 1000 years from now.

  18. AI is only transparent if its created to be transparent. AI is only unbiased if its created to be unbiased. AI is only uncorruptable if people making it are uncorruptable.

  19. Yes, because any game with GAY PERSON 😡😡😡 in it is a leftist propaganda piece

  20. No, and its not a propaganda piece. Its a liberal-rebelious teen fantasy, every authority figure is portrayed as either abuser or an awful person + other things.

  21. Groomer is already a bannable word lol, you're not the voice of reason here.

  22. This is not in any way suitable for this sub, but something something rent free

  23. Enlighten me, name some sources or write your theory, I'd love to read it.

  24. No. Open a fucking book. Read a fucking book for the love of God. Read some theory please.

  25. So you don't have anything substantial to add to this conversation? OK, have a good day, brother.

  26. I was pointing out that you pretty much pearclutched and contributed nothing while ignoring wild theories like "excluded people tend to radicalise"

  27. As eastern european - i really despise the fact that Stalin is viewed as a badass, and not "quantifiably worse Hitler". It hurts every time I see how much soviets under Stalin destroyed my country and it hurts more seeing western youth almost worship him and his insane ideas.

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