1. I heard some clubs will hide a transmitter and have a small prize for the first to find and report it

  2. I think it's when people go looking for things with their radio. Unless this was sarcastically asked haha.

  3. Thanks mate! I've put a lot of work into this rig!

  4. Lowkey thought it was an OG jurassic park paint job at first

  5. Hey guys, Ahmad is currently on his honeymoon in Greece, so I'm taking over today. I'm his business partner Kamal and I can answer any questions or help you out in the meantime.

  6. Hi Kamal, can you provide an update on order W16156 please? Last week Tawfiq said it would ship out this week. 3 days ago Ahmad said it would ship out the next day, but have not received tracking info yet.

  7. Hi sir we need some forms filled out, Tawfik will call you today pertaining those.

  8. Congrats! Now you just need to get some irons or an optic

  9. I also received the email today. Should be here by end of day Saturday. Sucks you have to be there to sign with fed ex though but I guess that’s better than someone swiping them off your front porch.

  10. You can also have them ship it to a Fedex location near you to hold for 5 business days for free if you won't be home to sign. I've done this at a local Walgreens that holds Fedex packages. If they already shipped, you can log into Fedex and change it yourself.

  11. Fuck, do they ever go to $800? For this model. I kinda want the quad rail model for this price

  12. I got this alpha model with rails/krink style muzzle brake for about $820 + ship from Family Firearms. Currently they have the standard version for $820 + ship. Maybe you could get the rails separately.

  13. How would you go about getting this? I don’t know a dealer yet where I live

  14. Find an FFL nearby that handles transfers. Usually $25 or so. Make sure they are cool with the transfer, then order on the website like you would anything else. Fill out the form online with your local FFL's info. Pay and submit order.

  15. How would one attach a brace on this/a stock if planning to sbr?

  16. Not 100% about this model but the one that comes with a pic rail on the back had a pre drilled hole. Took off rail and threw a CNC folding brace on that came with hinge mount hardware. Single screw with a square nut on the inside.

  17. Saturday Sale! If you’re new to arftac, every order gets a sticker but if you have a dog, tell us in the comments and we’ll send a dog treat too.

  18. Radian Raptor was definitely a couple bucks cheaper than Primary Arms, shipped yay.

  19. They just sent me my shipping confirmation for a case. It is UPS though, so am nervous with the recent UPS/firearms controversy. Should have it at my door by next Wed if all goes well.

  20. Use code sctxt for 5% off- takes away shipping and a few bucks

  21. Lanbos Armory has Gen3 30rds for $1.40 more, $10 flat ship, no tax.

  22. I just bought my first AR. Is that an exceptionally good price or does Lanbos always sell them at that price?

  23. It's a good deal for sure. Not sure if they always have them for this price. There is a certain aggregator site I can't submit on this subreddit that is pretty useful for comparing products and pricing. For example, Family Firearms has them for $9.99, but they have higher shipping once you add them to your cart.

  24. https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=15938

  25. It means it's a great deal, who knows how long it may last, buy it now if your wallet permits.

  26. Delta Platinum here. Same thing happened to me before a busy July 4th weekend. Flying domestic using the RUCs. First agent I messaged said not to worry, it would be taken care of at the airport.

  27. In for 10 boxes. They also have 7.62x39 Tula for $6.95/20 rds too.

  28. Let me know of they follow through and how your experience was dealing with this site. I’m looking to purchase one soon

  29. Hey bud, just picked it up from my local FFL. It took about a week or so to arrive which is no problem especially with it being the holidays/new years. Brand new, took it to a local indoor range and put a quick 50 rds through it. I'll post something on

  30. So far so good. Got my tracking info today- Fedex received the package on Thurs and currently at the next city en route. My FFL should get it on Mon and release it Tues/Wed.

  31. In light of recent internet "self-defense" tactics pushed by questionable instructors, I thought a reality check might be refreshing. Definitely check out their channel. They have quite a bit of information including firearms, knives, hand to hand, survival, fitness, gear, etc.

  32. Thanks, but I get all my info from knowledgeable sources like D.U.S.T

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