1. Out of curiosity how is Aeneas pronounced 👁👁 not like Anas right?

  2. usually it's pronounced "uh-NEE-us" by english speakers.

  3. I would sit on the curb and eat it with her :)

  4. Terfs don’t care about you even if you try to be “one of the good ones.” I know it’s hard, I (ftm) fell down the radfem pipeline hatereading stuff that really messed up my way of thinking and I still keep over analyzing the “morality” and “ethics” of transition. But finally choosing to get off that part of the internet and avoiding that stuff made me realize how much better I felt and the harm it was doing to my mental health. I don’t want to be woke, or progressive. I want to be happy. I hope you come to the same conclusion too someday.

  5. What's your language and how has it evolved? It's all wrong unless u doing it the original way or you're wrong! What a dumb take.

  6. Proto-Indo-European speakers going crazy right now

  7. Controversial taz circle jerk post alert!!?? Real?

  8. Oil painting done with a palette knife!

  9. I think OP is talking about how he was blatantly misgendered multiple times in the consultation record unfortunately

  10. So fucking cool i wanna buy it once I get on t lol

  11. lol ! you don’t need to be on t ;) i’ve got some mates of mine who wear it but aren’t even transmasc .. you should read the book if you haven’t .. it’s cool 😎

  12. Yeah the book is definitely on my list!! And yeah tbh t or not the hoodie is sick, I love the design so much. I have this weird complex that I’m not “allowed” to do certain things since I’m so early in my transition but that’s bullshit and I rlly need to work on it lol

  13. You really are a sigma gayden. Trying to be like you fr

  14. This happened to me too. How was I, at the tender age of 24, supposed to know that taking testosterone would make my hairline recede? I wanted to be a beautiful yaoi twink and now I look like my bald uncle. This is why you should be at least 50 years old to transition. No one below that age has the capacity to understand all the side effects.

  15. Wtf was the AFAB nonbinary sample size lmao

  16. /uj standing up to wipe is the most deranged thing I’ve ever heard, literally just lean forward if you’re that bothered about sticking your hand slightly below the toilet lid level? do you not wash your hands after your shit??

  17. Exactly smh. And sitting down spreads the cheeks enough to get a real deep clean with your wipe 💯

  18. /uj this argument is so funny to me because the only thing stopping me from transitioning is other people

  19. Thanks for letting us know. Could you perhaps find some other media that you do enjoy and watch or listen to that?

  20. op is clearly still a fan of the show and was pretty polite and nuanced in their criticism. you don't have to do all that, man.

  21. Get someone to write your essays and you will get in. Look around for services, they are usually 500$/hour, but it is how my two friends got into Cornell and Columbia.

  22. I actually know quite a few. But my main problem with this suggestion is that TAZ is definitely not family friendly, lol.

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