1. Never go out with work colleagues… they can ruin you in seconds

  2. Never go over there again before she gets you locked up

  3. My ex use to drink and smoke.. and one day she over did it so we sent her to the psych ward and that would have been custody and child support for me but I felt bad for her and told the doctor to release her.. the same night she waited till I was sleep threw batteries in my head and got me arrested… 12 years later the kids live across the country and I’m still paying for them.. all because I wasn’t I wasn’t a spineless asshole … if she went to psych and I filed a restraining order against her and filed for custody while we were going through that I might actually have a relationship with the kids..

  4. I know I’m late but let me know if you need a chat champ!! I been through it

  5. This is the build I had during immunity week… on a regular week I use defense charm with injured resolve gain 25 resolve gain 12 % I think liquid courage with injured resolve gain and melee damage on sword and kunai and ultimate damage!!! Bong lol

  6. Demon seeds melt Health.. I love them just wish the cool down was a little shorter

  7. I think the cooldown (90 seconds) is pretty fair, specially with some cooldown reduction on kill properties or with spirit kunai you will have demon seeds pretty fast ready to use

  8. It’s definitely fair.. it’s just wishful thinking lol

  9. Ok I’ll verify and repost if I can thanks brother

  10. That has to be the worst move a man can make.. it gets so bad between you guys to the point she’s willing to lie to god and abandon her vows… when she finally does divorce you she’s going to make sure she’s wins and destroys you for making her stay the first time… it’s not absolute.. but it is more likely than not… be careful

  11. I have a similar build and on the kunai I put fire

  12. I don't believe you get the cooldown bonus when fire takes down the foe instead of the blade itself.

  13. You don’t get cooldown if the kunai doesn’t kill the enemy.. but I just use it for the status effect and the the fire damage and when I do get the kills the cooldowns are a plus

  14. Good luck brother .. bring in this group showed me what good men are!! Just be careful how you deal with her.. and always show love to your child and never talk. Bad about the mother.. the child will see who she is eventually… just keep doing everything you can to be as great a dad as possible and just stay away from the toxic women… you got support her bro!!

  15. He’s a must if you play on merciless.. especially in the early game.. new game plus not so much

  16. Honestly you have to go in with this agreed upon.. especially when I see inside the area and people hit at spawn… I’m like ok.. this what we doing

  17. It takes time brother.. but once you wash your hands of the situation never put yourself in the same position again!!!

  18. Yo what class do you run? I can join you if you want

  19. Samurai, I'll be on in a couple hrs count on 1

  20. Ok I can run any class just let me know my PSN is Rhymewizardfam

  21. But if people just kept driving.. they would be wrong

  22. I’ve read this, but it’s still a guarantee that I’ll join my first game tonight as fire ronin and be confused as to why no one is burning 😂.

  23. It just happened to me… I’m like why are my black powder bombs doing nothing 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  24. Go on indeed and get a hold over position until your back In Your field… something to pay the bills and as soon as the opportunity presents you get outta there

  25. Coming from the dude with some of the worst lyrics in history

  26. I’m down brother I’ll be on this weekend.. I’ll message you

  27. Just file first and try and get out as unscathed as possible.. if you have kids make sure you file for at least joint custody and a half the week of you want it.. because it’s hard to get if you don’t get it up front.. it will be an uphill battle.. it’s best to get rid of a bad woman while things are down and as soon as you get rid of her elevate your life and never let her know that you get promotions or more money or anything.. treat her like the enemy.. because she is and she will use the government against you

  28. I never play when it’s disciples tbh. Too many people don’t know how to do it properly

  29. You have a good hunter on the team. It’s makes it super easy.. better if you have ronin also

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