1. I've had that same problem before. The issue usually seems to occur when the file lists are incorrect, like, when an update crashed or sth like that and the rollback bugged out (again) ^

  2. This all white themed bedroom is my dream. Your setup is so beautiful, too!! 😍

  3. Are you going to be streaming on pc?

  4. Oh yes, forgot to mention that! Yes, I will be streaming on PC

  5. I’m fixing to start streaming here soon. I play FPS (COD multiplayer and Warzone right now) and it’s intimidating because I’ll be jumping into a situation where male comments are sure to be high. I’m not the best but I do have fun when I play. I fear about the comments and judgements, but’s it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Don’t let fear hold you back from the things you want to do. Instead of hiding, rise above and prove everyone wrong. Show them they never should’ve opened their mouths. And if you need someone to play with to get more situated and comfortable, I’m always down to play and make new friends! ☺️

  6. That looks so cozy! And a city view? I love it! 💕

  7. So sorry to get back to you so late! Been really busy. I am so down to play! I’m all about having fun and making the most of it rather than playing to be the best. That’s what matters to me the most as well ☺️

  8. Having your pc on the floor is actually fine if you just elevate it off the carpet. The carpet will block necessary airflow and cause heating issues. You can put it on some sort of wood board or buy pc stands made specifically for that purpose. Just keep in mind that you'll need to dust it out more often than if it was up on the desk

  9. Got it. Thank you so much! Being new to all this is intimidating but I appreciate all the suggestions and help from everyone here! :)

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