A video created by a father with the photos he took regularly until his daughter was 20 years old.

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I wore my hair curly for my wedding day! Not sure why I assumed I should do something else with it, any other curlies feel this way? Anyway, glad I let my natural curls be for such a beautiful day 🤍

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  1. i adore Mr. Ronnie B, no matter how he's dressed. million bucks.

  2. i hope that she gets well soon. makes me wonder if it's something other than covid - because if that's what it is, why wouldn't they just say that?

  3. it's an unpopular opinion, but I enjoy that game and replay it about once every 7-8 months. i replay all of those games often though :)

  4. Thank you Jesus she got away from psychopath Tom Cruise. Oh the stories she could tell.

  5. i love that famous pic of her celebrating the divorce.

  6. this is the best before/after curly cut i've seen. so lush!

  7. it's really crappy that June is almost over and most of us haven't gotten the pride stuff we ordered. good thing i'm proud of my rainbow child all year - but still royally blows.

  8. My husband got mine from Helzberg Diamonds at avenues. It’s a very unique diamond cluster ring and I love it so much.

  9. Sounds a little like Big in Japan by Alphaville

  10. Star crossed, because it was the first song on her new album after the Golden Hour masterpiece. I wanted more sad girl fall and got phoned in bs.

  11. Yes it’s crazy. But I feel like that’s how Jax really is. Bold new city of the south, my arse.

  12. YES. I got the black penny loafer lug shoes and it seems like those are almost a size, maybe size and a half larger than they’re marked. cant wear/too late to return so I’m going to try to sell on eBay or a FB group.

  13. Reminds me of Marilyn Manson in his heyday.

  14. only bothers me a little that as a 46/almost 47 year old, i'm out of their demographic LOL (young at heart, amiright?) ;)

  15. i had to stop myself from getting these - because it would take forever to get them due to ongoing shipping issues :(

  16. hours and days last forever, but years go fast!

  17. always pet! it's one of my favorite parts of this game <3

  18. I'm with you. As much of a mess as Christina is, at the reunion I hated that Heather said she's 'raising' two children and that she's the younger hotter version of his ex wife. So cringey.

  19. Did she actually say she is the younger hotter version? There is no way that can be true 😵

  20. not exactly, Tan said something like 'people are saying that you're the younger hotter version of Christina' and i think she said 'well look at me' or whatever.

  21. a very frustrating level. nice work!

  22. excellent! a stealthy kill is my favorite way to play.

  23. what in the actual hell is going on with that gal on the right's tan- that is atrocious.

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