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  1. It's funny cause the only reason we didn't have ammo shortages during Iraq and Afghanistan is because of American gun culture. Now we are in a proxy war, are running low on things like stinger misses, and he wants to get rid of small arms factories

  2. We also bought a lot of ammo from Taiwan too I believe

  3. Maybe they realized that the citizens are able to keep the extra production lines open and running and profitable to allow these factories to keep running so that when the military does need ammo for a war, those lines are there and ready.

  4. I miss a phone that didn't overheat as much as this one when I'm using it (pixel 6)

  5. Trump's rhetoric about covid caused hate crimes against Asian-Americans to go up. Words have impact. That's not "pulling the race card" unnecessarily. That's fact.

  6. Lol. Calling it the china virus or Wuhan virus caused hate crimes? Also the part they neglect is what other race that caused the most hate crimes to Asians. But the media looks the other way when it doesn't fit the narrative.

  7. It doesn't matter who committed the hate crimes. That's not a rebuttal. The fact is that anti-Asian hate crimes went up after Trump used that flaming rhetoric. As I said. Words have impact.

  8. So nothing to do with a virus coming from China under shady reasons......got it.

  9. There seems to always be a disconnect with the concept of slavery. If the 2nd amendment was racism because "the freedom to enslave". Then what was before guns and gun powder was involved then? When the Roman empire had slaves. When the mongols had slaves? Or any of the other empires, tribes, towns, etc pre guns that had slaves.

  10. Nipped early?? This shits been going on for years... Now the rule is if you didnt convert by age 12 you cant compete!

  11. Lets see what happens but I don't believe that will be the case as I think current recommendations for it is like 15.

  12. Nope. You can start as young as 4. I’ve seen reports on 2 year olds even. But not confirmed and it was Canada.

  13. Wait how is that possible? How is that not child abuse?

  14. I would love to see that in person but i am also scared of heights, it would take me forever to walk up lol.

  15. Excuse me. I've been reliably informed that they can vaporize an entire lung.

  16. And why jury nullification needs to be a much more common thing!

  17. Tell me more as I have jury duty coming up soon.

  18. It's a taboo subject to prosecutors and judges and if you breathe a whiff of it during jury selection you will get bounced from the selection pool.

  19. Is the baby in one of those wing suits that you see people fly on the side of mountains with?

  20. yes and no. Uvalde definitely is but you have to understand what we're dealing with here is terrorism and terrorism is difficult to combat, particularly the lone wolf single actor variety. It's not the guns, the people, or whatever it's one fat toxic mess of contributing factors.

  21. Congress had no issues to pass a $1.9 billion package to "harden" the federal buildings after Jan 6th. We could do something for the schools as well. Personally to me, what happened in Uvalde was far worse than what happened on Jan 6th.

  22. The thing about Cramer is that it's easy to laugh about him but in the end he is a fucking criminal that should be in prison...

  23. He does all his trading in a "charity account"...

  24. Screaming at the top of his lungs. "Don't sell bear, bear is fine, bear is strong!!" .......days later .... well you know the story

  25. I remember watching his show back then and him making the recommendation. I got money his gravestone will be defaced with bear sterns ticker lol.

  26. LOL that was skill. I speed 30 secs alone chalking up the stick and then inspecting my chalking before i miss the shot.

  27. Isn't a good guy with a gun, generally about civilians? Like if the cops are preventing the parents or people to go in, then it won't happen

  28. I thought so as well, but that hasn't stopped some people from using the lack of a police response to try to save the kids as a basis for attacking gun owners and the NRA. I can't say I follow the logic either.

  29. Did they ever have any logic? Same people that believe the 5.56/.223 ammo is the most dangerous round in existence. Or buying a 1000 rounds is stocking up an arsenal. Just hot takes of talking points.

  30. Aggressors are the biggest proponents of pacifism. They always prefer for their victims to surrender without a fight.

  31. That is why i push for it, that and I vote for bernie sanders so he can shrink the US military.

  32. With that I mean removing incentives to go to war. Like the EU itself is a massive pacifism project and did a pretty good job to prevent fights between members while also creating a big enough bloc to stand up to Russia. Without this Pacifism the EU straight up wouldn't exist.

  33. If i was a nation next to a pacifist nation (one with no real outstanding army). I would invade in a heartbeat. It's an easy and quick win.

  34. Go with 2 small AC units. That way you can cool each room more effectively but also determine which rooms you want to cool down and not as well. You can get fairly cheap ones at Lowes or Home Depot. Some of the more cheaper ones, don't come with remotes and what I do is leave it at a certain setting and control it with a kasa smart wall outlet attachment. That way i can turn it on and off with my phone and even set a timer or schedule for it. Plus it tells me how many hours this week i used it.

  35. ...and a huge waste of tax payer money. Waste that could do so much good. I don't even have to look it up, I know the Uvalde budget is an absolutely disgusting number.

  36. Hence why more people should be armed to protect themselves then.

  37. Honestly these people in myanmar are creative guys! I wish them well in their fight. I wish some creates of weapons going to ukraine got diverted to them....

  38. Don't be so hard on yourself, I mean you read a book and still can't figure it out. It's okay, i don't fault ya for it.

  39. LOL, you got nothing and you know it. Nice try. Go read some more books, might be helpful in maybe figuring it out.

  40. Inflation destroys most everyone. You seem to have the mindset that the top .1% of earners are 10% of the population. Even if you are making 200k a year inflation hurts more than you'd think and few people than you'd think make 200k a year. Why is everybody so disconnected from reality? Nevermind it is media, you all see stories of super rich people so often you have started to think they are the norm, sad.

  41. That cool, you make some wild assumptions there.

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