1. Agriculture, foraging, both are important

  2. Arrogance and people that don't want to grow and learn, there is more but those are the top 2

  3. Nickname, shortened last name, not a great story haha

  4. My life would be the exact same, I'm happy as I am, why would I change that

  5. Same way you just did, they have a thought they ask, or if it's something relevant to them that they need help for, or maybe they are fishing for karma and attention, which makes no sense because you can gain like 5 of both here, I've seen all of the above

  6. When I realized that people born in 2004 are 18 now...

  7. Depends on how much money I have, probably Switzerland if not a lot, if a lot then Iceland, Serbia, or generally any place with a lot of natural beauty

  8. Potatoes probably, that reminds me, gotta make some tonight

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