1. They are doing you a huge favor. You arent likely to make much money if you are driving a brand new car. Your expenses would be 40 - 70 cents a mile. Most of the money you think you are making is actually just taking equity out of your car.

  2. Hahahaha. You’re a troll. Everyone can see it.

  3. Give it up. Everyone can see that you made this story up.

  4. The idea is that you pick up the PAX on the same side of the street that they are waiting. The app wants you to be on the right side of the street. Totally inefficient.

  5. This. Hard to believe there are drivers out there that don't understand.

  6. Not sure if you've noticed, but when you do actually follow these directions, almost 100% of the time the pax is on the opposite side of the one you wasted time and gas getting to. So we're back to the programmers needing to get their shit together.

  7. Your statement is false, in my experience. Plus, once you've driven a little, you know which side of the street even and odd addresses are on.

  8. That is completely false on multiple planes.

  9. Too bad drivers aren't smart enough to organize. A union rep would have this resolved the same day with payment for lost pay.

  10. You need an insurance card with the vehicle VIN and your name as insured, something you arent likely to get on a rental, if you just went to a rental car agency yourself (plus you likely violate the rental agreement).

  11. Dear God, why did you take this? You LOST money taking this ride - you made less than zero on this!

  12. Thats precisely how it works and why I drive, to show the IRS I lose money.

  13. Lol! No one is that stupid. You literally ARE losing money but think that equity you are taking out of your car is profit!

  14. What do you expect when dumb Lyft drivers keep posting images bragging about how much they make?

  15. No phone calls. Try social media, usually gets results.

  16. It was a standard requirement that may have been relaxed during the pandemic when drivers were minimal. Back in full swing now just like Lyft Line

  17. No. I've been able to text riders and get cancellation fees for 7 years plus, although I haven't taken a Lyft ride since last summer.

  18. May I ask how you found this forum and what you’re doing here? Lol

  19. I've driven both Uber and Lyft on and off for 7 years. I still drive once in a while if the money is there. Sadly, that isn't too often. When I started I got 80% of the rider payment less a smallish service fee. Every year since there has been at least one pay cut.. Now, when it isn't primetime/surging it is closer to 60%.

  20. Yes but they no longer pay by percentage of fare. They pay now based on time + distance + base + any bonus, and charge the riders as much as they are willing to pay.

  21. Correct. And drivers make MUCH less money per ride than they did 7 years ago.

  22. This is the funniest post I have EVER seen in this sub, although I'm pretty sure that OP is just trolling us.

  23. Why would you have canceled a ride at a gas station? If the rider takes too long you should END the ride, not cancel it.

  24. This meme is several years old, and the Roe v Wade decision came down last week.

  25. Many try selling the same cheap Chinese crap that takes a month to get here. Find yourself decent niche products that can be delivered within a week and you CAN make money.

  26. How are you supposed to not sell the cheap crap when that’s all that’s available on the supplier sites?

  27. Drinking and posting.... never a good combination.

  28. Currently in CA it’s however many seats you have, excluding the front passenger seat. So the dog would always have a seat. The OP could put the extra passenger in the trunk.

  29. Unless you opted out of binding arbitration within 30 days of signing up, you gave up your right to sue Uber.

  30. Is it a service dog or an emotional support dog?

  31. I have shopped around, none of the major companies will insure me. NY has special laws that make it difficult.

  32. Ok, just for kicks, I ran through Progressive's web site and entered a madeup address, and Progressive DOES offer rideshare coverage in New York state. Dude, you need to actually try these things out yourself before posting. I'm happy to help you out, but don't waste my time.

  33. The info on the page you linked is pretty dated. I see nothng in the article that is any different than other states, although perhaps II missed it.

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