1. If I can match the colours, I’ll match the colours. If I can’t, I’ll use either a Heal Ball or Luxury Ball, depending on its colouring

  2. I’m thinking Heal Ball, since it’s my favourite. I was going to go with Luxury or Beast, but I’ll try my luck with Surprise Trade to get a Froakie in both

  3. Zarude was only available for a brief period of time in 2021, to promote the movie on Netflix. If you didn’t log on during the event, it’s unobtainable. I do believe it’ll eventually return in Elite Raids, but not for a while

  4. I would’ve gone with Alolan Raichu or Sandygast/Palossand for Hawaii

  5. Hello, sorry after they replied I closed Reddit for the day, and I’m just seeing this now. If you still need help, lmk

  6. Pokémon Soulsilver, it isn’t, but it’s up there imo

  7. I kept losing online with teammates, and I decided to solo it and followed this post, and was finally able to get a Cinderace. Thank you!

  8. It’s not bad, imho, but it’s a definite let down since it stayed too true to the originals

  9. Sometimes I don’t evolve shinies for a few different reasons. If the shiny matches a ball, like Toedscool with Premier Ball, or if the shiny evolution is not good, like Skorupi to Drapion, or if I want to have a shiny family.

  10. Ita 3 bananas Michael. What could it cost, 1 Masterball?

  11. It’s been a while since I’ve played Berlin, but I believe Berlin has one as well

  12. Lol, yeah. Talbot was hard, but I replayed the game so many times by the time I tried crushing I breezed through it, it’s worth memorizing which button cancels/blocks which animation.

  13. My mistake was returning to the game after not playing for two or three years, and playing on Crushing. I went through most of the game with a few challenges here and there, but this sticks out because I was stuck for days. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, and kept getting stuck in a loop where the battle wouldn’t end

  14. Oh that must’ve been rough, for a while uncharted 3 was my only uncharted in the series.. I have 2, 4 and Golden Abyss nowadays, but I’ve yet to play drakes fortune. But I’m well caught up with everything.

  15. I started with 4 at a friends house. After playing it for a few hours, I bought a used PlayStation and 1-4, and started with 4 at home, because I was interested to see how it ended.

  16. You could solo an Elite Raid with that, and still have more than 50% hp left

  17. Am I the only who doesn't care about the mixed up pokemon but wants to know why you called your pokemon putas (plural)?

  18. I’m sending out all 3 starters, Charmanders, Hoenn Woopers, and Scarlet Exclusives (minus the paradox Pokémon since they can’t breed)

  19. I loved the boss because I saw it coming, but besides the boss, Giacomo was my favourite

  20. I always wait until after my teammates have selected their Pokémon to battle to choose mine. If it’s 3 Iron Hands/Azumarills, I’ll go with either Blissey, Tinkaton or Clodsire to Heal Cheer

  21. Stu and Jill were my favourites, so them surviving would’ve been interesting

  22. Veluza and Lokix because neither would leave me alone when I was trying to shiny hunt in an area where they could spawn

  23. I made this mistake on my first few raids, then I changed my team to Ice Pokémon

  24. I do this from time to time at 4/5 am, that way players get their coins, and so anyone can claim the gym in the morning on their way to work or school

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