Supreme Court rules on EPA's authority to regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions

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  1. imagine anyone who is not into mma seeing his. they’ll be like: „omg what is this racist-hatecrime picture?“

  2. The trouble with that is you would have to leave with their boot which could be seen as stealing.

  3. mrj9 says:

    Damn luka out here recruiting

  4. And do it soon. And if you don't get a satisfactory resolution that ends with. $ in your pocket or account that day, call the police from the parking lot. Do not explain everything over the phone. Just tell them a specific person inside the store stole $20 from you and you have physical proof. Tell them if they don't come help, you'll have no choice but to handle it yourself. Be calm when they arrive. Don't let them convince you it's a civil matter because it's actually larceny or whatever they call it in your state.

  5. Really living up to your username

  6. At first I thought you were running and was like "damn homie is gazelle"

  7. It's crazy to me no big money has come in and bought the Sega name. Seems like there could be someone out there who could pull of a brand revival.

  8. Sega Sammy has an annual revenue of $2.7B USD. SEGA alone brings in $1.8B. Why do you think they need to be revived?

  9. Well I mean just look at the pic in OPs post. Dreamcast neck-and-neck with the big boys. Sure 1.8B revenue is respectable by any normal standards, but they still have not held pace with their former peers.

  10. It was order $19 for 9miles. Should I say this:” I’ve delivered 1532 orders on time or early time. However, this is extremely insult and offense for my record over 10min late. The order was late because you’ve miscalculated the delivery time due to 9miles with traffic that could have been late no more than 20min but I’ve managed to get there as soon as I can. 10min late is better than 20min late. This is nothing more than inconvenient violation and I’m more than happy to take this to further if this is not going to be dismissed. “ or you got any better?

  11. They won't care about your past record. Besides it doesn't matter, you won't get deactivated for this.

  12. You load it into a cart and then unassign you mean?

  13. Probably a delivery driver. A lot of times orders get cancelled or customers can not be reached, so the driver is stuck with the order. He probably thought, "let me try this before I dump it someplace" Although I think a trashcan might have been a better option than a 7-11.

  14. Bruh I haven't seen the Supreme Court this active in a very long time

  15. That's the expiration date. Gotta throw it away now.

  16. You could make that in a day or two doing Uber Eats/gig work

  17. This controller is a design W

  18. They're already in production for Avatar 5 now btw. They'll be a few more no matter how bad they do lol

  19. Cameron was just sitting on these finished scripts waiting for the next big film tech breakthrough.

  20. If you go to the comments on that post, a lot of people are saying it looks like Glover vs. Jiri. Rematch confirmed?

  21. I thought he said he wasn't going to circumvent the suspension

  22. Before the timer runs out put the address on Goggle maps

  23. ...they don't get an upfront address

  24. If I have the time, Hardy's breakdowns are the best on Youtube. They run long, but he really does a great job.

  25. It's so crazy, I this is the second time this week I have seen this clear original Game Boy, and had no clue they existed until now.

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