1. Tennessee has a massive hemp industry and is primed for a booming legal cannabis industry, just the color of the state is the big hold back, but $$ speaks to both parties eventually.

  2. It’s being pushed by a big real estate fellow out of Nashville because he already has a hold on a lot of the business so he knows if he can get it to flip he’ll make a killing in it.

  3. I once turned the volume down on my phone because my ceiling light was too bright and I wanted to dim it, I do not have a remote for my light I just thought it would work.

  4. Just take him to a dealer to test drive a v8 and save you and him both the time and $

  5. This sounds like what I had happen and one of my ex’s. It turned out that because of our anxiety and OCD we’d be stressed and tensed up for so long we wouldn’t feel it but once we started smoking and or meds we would feel sore and hurt because the muscle is releasing.

  6. As a Mississippian as well, I just lost my plug in just gonna stretch what I got until June

  7. My ex-GF had a dog named Macy that is an abomination. They adopted him, after owning him for two years, he had drank a bottle of bleach and other chems, swallowed scissors, ate a brick out of the side of the house and stashed his toys in the hole, and drank gasoline. He recently passed at the ripe age of 12 years old of natural causes.

  8. To be fair, I don’t live in a legal state and not do my friends but I know three of them have legit medical cards for states they have never even so much as visited.

  9. What states? I know a lot of states require proof of residency to get a card.

  10. It’s took some time but they got cali cards online then after they got that they went and filed for an arkansas one because it’s the only state closest to us that’s legal until this summer when we legalize

  11. The only reason I don’t like rolling like this besides having big hands is because I usually get draw issues from the tip getting clogged but it doesn’t happen when I roll slightly thicker.

  12. Star shopping-lil peep (the way the vocals are mixed makes it sound like he’s talking in your head)

  13. I love the process, especially when you finally really get it down it’s barely takes a minute once the weed is ground to finish rolling one if you’re just trying to hurry and you can start to experiment in different ways of rolling like backrolling( also called reverse rolling, or back strapping) or custom rolling( like a Nike logo). And to me it’s less work to roll than have a pipe, I have no cleaning I have to do. I had a pipe and to me it was more hassle to conceal, like if I want to take anoint outside or need to put it away I can toss it in a bottle or something small and put it in my pocket and it won’t smell for a bit and it’s no problem but a pipe would be slightly harder to fit into something and hide the smell.

  14. In reality no, they’d get destroyed before they even hit you but for sake of hypothetical, yes it’d hurt it would like bruise incredibly bad possibly break skin but not actually embed or go through a body. Like a beefed up paintball

  15. They’d spin eventually begin spinning so fast they create a black hole and destroy the world as we know it.

  16. What you toking on buddy? 😂😂

  17. You said interactive movie with no context to what you meant, but hat were YOU toking on?

  18. Oh shit ..... the actual text didnt post with it

  19. No hate just curiosity, what’s popular about rolling really slim like this? I get that it can use less weed, but is that we’re the appeal stops or is there any other reasons?

  20. Haha this is honestly thicker than the joints I normally roll 🤣🤣😭😭 But in my opinion, I’d rather smoke a long, skinny joint than a short, thick joint because it will burn longer

  21. I really wanted to make sure you knew it was no hate, just never seen anyone roll like that until I came to Reddit and just finally had to ask.

  22. What did you make the filter out of, or did you buy some like that because I’m a Louis fiend and need it in my life.

  23. Technically, it will depend on terpene profile as well. THC isn’t necessarily a good justifier of strength or quality. It’s borderline just a marketing number.

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