1. how have i been playing since 2017 and not known this

  2. Yeah I've gotten merciless with only 3k as well. So you're definitely right.

  3. Adepts are odd, I got my Onryo adept without getting a merciless (2 medals were golden and 2 were red) but with a 4k and it counted.

  4. Met someone with Shota hentai on their sign, complaining how loli hentai is bad because their "friend got raped when they were 8 so loli is bad and it just angers me"

  5. nono you see the scope adds +89% crit chance and the bipod makes crit damage increase by 102%

  6. Hard choice between Plo Koon and Kit Fisto

  7. I have all of the cardboard backs to these with the figures randomly placed about lol

  8. As long as your PSN acct is linked to battlenet you’ll be fine. And you’d just need to log in on PS post-launch to do that. I’d do it before downloading on PC just to be safe.

  9. My PS is broke, so no chance I'd be able to transfer my PS progress to Xbox?

  10. They've been linked since OW1 released, so heres hoping

  11. more nobushi love, please

  12. Eli had to go through this :)

  13. “Alright ramblers, let’s get rambling.”

  14. i have not seen a single turnip sincee i started

  15. Honestly, I love it, only took a few games to get used to but other than that it wasn't anything bad, just gave me a reason to actually use a secondary for once

  16. Hara Kiri was a finisher in old MK where you just killed yourself.

  17. The whole thing is a bug specific to character auto unlocked in levels, likely because there is no hint given to unlock them and it is this hint that the yellow dot is signalling.Iit's been reported numerous times and should hopefully be fixed in an upcoming patch

  18. MP5-SD + TEC-9 is my goto weapons

  19. man now i gotta play for oni :(

  20. my pink nobu is lovin it

  21. i wish there was a better way to get different level bots

  22. fake pallets at shack = free downs

  23. Kinda funny that Nobeta got released yesterday, and that game produces officially made loli hentai

  24. id let valk and wattson kill me just for the honor of it

  25. I heard you can't play with a prepaid phone plan... So I guess I'm out cuz I'm on Metro

  26. Found an app called TalkATone and the number they gave worked for me

  27. Bro everyone is suggesting this app but when I tried it it wouldn't even let me sign up. Is it US only or something?

  28. No clue, I'm in the US though and it worked perfectly for me, so it's a possibility

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