1. It’s not even worth it for 975 coins lmao

  2. Was about to buy some pokecoins but guess I’m not after they are removing remote raid pass from the 1 coin gift

  3. The app wouldn’t be dying if Niantic didn’t make dumb decisions

  4. The community day one really got me. I'm a family man and typically have to work on community days. I get Niantics idea to try and get people out at the same time but for some of us it just means we miss out on the whole thing. My son just started playing and it would have been really nice to be able to take him out and play during the community day after i got out of work. I used to get an hour or 2 in with the longer community day. We live in a rural area and since incense is crap now he pretty much is going to miss out too. Niantic, you want us to play as a community but you aren't giving us a chance to play.

  5. After I read the theory, it just made me sad honestly, I don’t know if it could be true, it still has a big community and Niantic should never give up

  6. Yeah starting next week no more remote pass from the 1 coin box. It’s being replaced by random items.

  7. remote raid pass are very useful for players that wanted to raid with online community and now they are removing it, good job Niantic!

  8. 250 coins for a "Special Box" containing a premium pass and 2 remote raid passes.

  9. And also considering COVID-19 still exist and they are making it more expensive, are they trying to care about profit more than peoples life at risk

  10. I know dude..I'm too almost an f2p... Coins are the main currency in the game and you can get that for free. Its better than a lot of games imo. Although, I would agree the remote raid pass in 1 coin box was actually good

  11. the raid pass in 1 coin box was a pretty good idea and now that they removed it, I can’t go to raids remotely since im already out of remote raid pass, I wished the team at niantic don’t make dumb decisions that upsets the communities

  12. I do kind of agree..but I think since the POGO community is not as big as it used to be..The company might not want to give away much of the premium stuff to maintain the revenues..it's just my take on the recent changes though.

  13. yeah I see ur point, the pogo community died down but it still has a big support community but Niantic is gonna lose players if they make dumb decisions

  14. At least give decent reward for video ads

  15. It’s currently at 16.6 Millions

  16. I don’t even know what a shiny Pokémon looks like since I rarely catch Pokémon but if someone knows what shiny looks like, can you tell me pls

  17. I want to add that to my Home Screen, how do I do it?

  18. 527 years, I’m sometime lazy to keep doing it to 5000 years so I can get that achievement

  19. Send it to notes and you can sign up, idk why they make it that you have to share to sign up for social media like bruh

  20. Rural tip I’ve learned; just put a low cp poke in; it’s not worth it. 99% of the time it’s a guaranteed 50 coins. At least where I am.

  21. yeah, in my local area there is one Pokémon in a gym as of Tuesday, May 10, 2022

  22. Someone got my Pokémon out of the gym in 39 minutes and I only got like 3 Pokémon coin from it

  23. They wanna sell ur data to companies

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