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  1. I care more about flood and lumens than throw.

  2. How well is your house insulated? That is the bigger question. If it’s not insulated very well your paying more money for a furnace that will probably run roughly the same amount of time.

  3. I am not sure, I have not been there in person. I know the attic is insulated well.

  4. Personally I would go with the Ruud system. Their equipment is easy to work on and get replacement parts if needed. A 14-16 SEER unit is a good option for most houses. If your really concerned about efficiency, go with a Gas furnace (if natural gas is available). Gas heat is a lot cheaper than electrical.

  5. Thanks, I'll look into it. It's natural gas. Thanks!

  6. Yeah, it's PVC. Ah, so does that mean I'd have to change a lot of things to run an 80%

  7. Another thing to consider is if they are high back gutters (Single piece that has integrated flashing that goes up beneath the shingles) if this is the case its better to replace them with the roof if you are planning on doing it any time soon. Otherwise the gutter installers will charge you extra because they have to shear the old gutters off at the back to remove them, as they will be nailed beneath the new shingles. Probably not the case here, but if it is then that's a good reason to replace them

  8. That's a hard one to answer without knowing your gutter system. Some systems are pretty independent of the roof, and as long as your roofers clean them out after they're done, you're good. Others, like ones that use something called roof apron, which is a gutter hanging rail and drip edge combined, may or may not take a little damage when the shingles come off, subject to skill and circumstances. If they're putting on a wider faced drip edge, that could come into play as well.

  9. The shut off on the blue is to isolate incoming to water heater I case of failure. Been a long time since I skimmed code (just a sparky here) but you shouldn't Have an isolation means on the hot side in case you leave it closed and then would blow your prd

  10. Ah - so do not add a shutoff tor the hot water side?

  11. You could literally just cut the bottom enough to give rising slope on the horizontal... would take a hack saw and 5 minutes and use what you already have installed

  12. This is good to hear - I was wondering if I'd be able to do this myself.

  13. I live in erie during the summer and am gone for the winter months (6 months) and have left my erie home vacant for the past 9 years during the winter. I have a honeywell wifi thermostat and keep my heat at 66 degrees. I turn the water off. I do not winterize. When the furnace is not operating or if the temperature goes below a preset temperature i receive an alert. I can change the temperature and monitor the temperature 24 hours a day. Never had a problem. I would have a person available near your home in case the furnace were to malfunction. If the power goes out there is nothing you can do whether you are there or out of town.

  14. Thanks! That is really reassuring. Do you have standard cable/dsl/fiber or a mobile wifi hotspot device for internet?

  15. I run spectrum full internet at $60 per month. Because i use full internet and not seasonal i also purchased a couple security cameras for inside the house.

  16. Hm, sounds like a good idea. Thanks!

  17. What that low? Wasn't it like 9 percent with max promotions? I used to do this strat before scambags got nerfed.

  18. So total 5-6 percent with max promo? That's ridiculous

  19. That sounds about right. Given I get about 4% now with 10 promotions.

  20. So, in short the demand for drop items is decreasing, thus the price is dropping. Is this what the post says in a nutshell?

  21. In a super basic nutshell, yes.

  22. I think this is an excellent idea.

  23. Haha they're screwing with you.

  24. These are a lot more accurate now. Chocolates were higher than 55 for a while, cursed was above 70. Stockings have been above 40 for a while too. Tp has been higher than 190 for a little too.

  25. Melmsie stated next drop will be in the Summer, after the update.

  26. Over time they will rise. There will be fluctuations when they will dip in value.

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemer/comments/u9lbzz/dip_in_drop_item_prices_in_the_past_few_days/

  28. How much does a dragon cost to feed per day?

  29. Why would it suck? The drop price would be higher than the trade price, meaning your value isn't lost at all, and in fact meaning your item value would be worth even more.

  30. My concern would be that the trade price would be inaccurate. I would be afraid of these sellling for under actual market price.

  31. This will only be a temporary fix.

  32. You're second point is completely missing the point. There are only a certain amount of trophies in the current market. So in order to trade more for the drop items they would have to burn cash which will bring down the supply of cash increasing its value.

  33. It's a good point but that is also only a temporary fix.

  34. With people going insane over drop items, I spent some time when I couldn't sleep tonight gathering some data for people to see. I find this sort of thing fascinating.

  35. I lost my ench, he kept his enchs as he sent to a alt or a holder, and he won my ench from the bet

  36. Holy crap thats a lot of searches

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