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High winds at the perfect time of day created a previously undocumented 2,400 foot rainbow waterfall in Yosemite National Park

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  1. Oh that’s good. They usually do that so no IPs are actually real. No IP on the image actually has all numbers below 255 so it’s probably intentional

  2. So did you guys end up being actual friends IRL or not?

  3. I was thinking it sounds exactly like goulash that my mom would make.

  4. Bitch, I ain't even flying: I FLOAT

  5. It could just be my picking/popping nature, but I could NEVER leave something like alone on my face long enough for it to accumulate that much hair! But that was glorious.

  6. The birds need the fur during spring, when they’re nesting. Meanwhile, the deer is a shedding its winter fur. It works out perfectly.

  7. Imagine how cozy warm that nest is gonna be.

  8. What’s your process from quarantine? I introduced mites from a clone I received and I want to avoid that again

  9. I did mention PAR. If par is followed nothing else matters about watts/distance. If you dial your PAR correctly then your distance is correct as is intensity.

  10. Is there a tool that measures PAR? I'm sure if it exists it's pretty expensive.

  11. Well if you ran all of flower at day 400 par sure maybe not as dense. But it doesn't need to be 1000 par all through flower. At the end of flower I sit around 550 par for a week. Week before something like 650. I max out at 1000 about week 1 4 at week 5 I'll slowly dim it down and drop lights on time to 11 hours over time.

  12. If the walls could talk, they would be in an infinite loop of “So, this is where the magic happens”

  13. It’s cool until it gets puffed upwind and drifts back. Does this control bugs or something?

  14. Is this a way to add silica as well? I heard that silica supplementing will increase cell wall strength to protect against mites and make branches stronger. Didn’t know if that needed to be a liquid application or not

  15. Well, I gotta say, when I have alot of shit built up in my mind, stress, relationship problems, Financial issues, it brings those thoughts to the forefront. The days where i feel less stressed and just calmer, are the days I enjoy cannabis alot more. It took me awhile to figure it out, but it's something I have noticed and try to work on. Of course, it's not for everyone though.

  16. There's a sandwich chain called Fat Shack that has sandwiches like that! Mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese, jalapeno poppers, you name it and they'll put it on a sandwich. So greasy, so unhealthy, but soooo good. I usually regretted it the next day, but it was always worth it.

  17. I have too many questions. Is the rainbow or the waterfall undocumented? Do we document rainbow waterfalls?

  18. Same here.. plus it kicks in the fastest with toss and wash with something that has citric acid in it..

  19. It’s the Trichomes, if you listen you can hear the birds and cars. I take everything in natural sunlight so you can see it’s not edited. It’s like a flash no flash on camera.

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