The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

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  1. I'll start by saying I am staunchly pro-choice and believe that is a woman's (and only a woman's) choice. That being said, I lean libertarian and believe in State's Rights. So, from that standpoint I am glad the federal government is relinquishing some of their rights and turning them back over to the states - but I'm not happy with this one decision and what it has the potential to do in the US.

  2. How is it libertarian to say that an individual can't decide for themselves whether to have an abortion or not? Isn't that authoritarian?

  3. It's weird. It feels like the US has formally split into a Taliban-controlled backwoods theocracy and a modern, western civilization. I know that split has always been there, but removing one of the things that prevented sheer stupidity from taking hold in the Taliban-held areas really highlights how deep the rot goes in those areas.

  4. A little graphic but I was SA’d by a virgin and yeah. He had no clue where it was. Good thing for me too otherwise it would have ended up being r**e. Sad.

  5. Written weirdly is a nice way of saying it about the Ultimates universe.

  6. I mean, the Ultimates was fine when Mark Millar wrote it as a kind of very-black comedy about dysfunctional superheroes in the modern world. Jeph Loeb just isn't as good a writer as Millar and is definitely not funny. The "are they or aren't they" thing with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch was always just hinted at as a joke in Millar's run, but because Loeb doesn't do subtlety and humour, he took it at face value.

  7. Oh, man, I just watched that video and he's fantastic! "What does a picket line look like? That's one behind me. It looks like that."

  8. It is not an open wound for me. I wasn't pro-Brexit (I'm not now, but I think the EU needs wide reform, and totally reject some of their policies), but all in all, the EU citizens living in UK got the best part of the deal. Those of us with settled status keep the same rights as before, whereas EU or UK citizens have lost some of them. I wonder where the Guardian gets these people, as I'm fully surrounded by EU citizens every single day (at work, friends, partner, friends of friends, etc...), and none feel like that; quite the opposite.

  9. Yep, as a Brit living in Germany, I was allowed the equivalent of settled status by Germany but that still subtracts the rights I had to work and live in every other European country.

  10. Sad true, they also managed to equal the word "expat" with racism, most people don't even know the differences but now they are synonymous of bad things.

  11. Most redditors also bought into the "Expat means you're white" nonsense too.

  12. First I would think about how you are going to store the graphs on the back end. Will you use a graph database like neo4j? If so, is there a driver for PHP? In what format does the driver return the results to PHP?

  13. I was hotboxing in my car at like 2AM in a little nook at the entrance to a forest service road. You're not visible from the road if you tuck into the nook. It was winter and I was getting chilly as the car was off. I fired it up and continued puffing away without realizing my exhaust in the cold air was giving away my position.

  14. Fucking hell, he let you drive off stoned? Dude should've confiscated your car keys and given you a ride home. Driving while impaired is a recipe for killing someone.

  15. Who gives a shit about your vote share if it results in Boris Johnson with an eighty seat majority?

  16. My defence is that I don't care. I'm not falling into the trap and then cursing my bad judgement as I find that I've accidentally revealed my prejudice against the British electorate thus undermining my every argument; I'm insulting the British electorate with enthusiasm and full awareness. I don't believe in "This offends me, therefore it's factually wrong" - if someone wants to prove that the British electorate are smart, they're going to have to produce some convincing analysis, given that these people handed Boris Johnson an 80 seat majority and around 30% of them are still planning on voting for him.

  17. Yeah, Jotaro is slimmer and has a thinner face and finer features in the manga, which makes him look younger. I think that in the manga he may have been modeled on late 80s Michael Jackson as there's a bit of a resemblance, particularly when you can see his hair.

  18. Yeah, it's peak Jojo. It's the part where everything comes together. You get a likeable Jojo, Jotaro as a mentor/"big brother" is great, the cast are fun, it's quirky and unpredictable, the art is still good. I really think that Araki had a lot of fun with this part and it shows.

  19. When you enter the passphrase, just check the "remember me" box and it should automatically reconnect when you're close enough.

  20. You mean dubbed? "Synchronised" doesn't have that meaning in English. I'm gonna guess that they get a sightly older kid who still has a squeaky kid voice to read their lines. Or they just tell the kid what to say and the kid repeats it into a mic.

  21. I know this is just asking for downvotes, but luckily I don't give a crap: part 6 really seems bland in its editing, art direction and sound design compared to the earlier parts like BT. When you look at how damn funky some of the presentation in part 2 is (I mean, the Pillar Men posing in vibrant disco colors with their ayyy ayyy ayyy ayyyyyyy theme playing, for example) - there's just nothing like that in part 6 so far. David Production needs to get that sense of flair back again or there isn't really any point in them doing the adaptations.

  22. I was really surprised it stayed open after a majority of people started coming out against moral witch-hunts. Usually when anything on that sub ends up going against your typical "intersectional social justice" mindset, that mod called crazycatlady or something just locks the thread because "y'all can't behave".

  23. People who use the word "woke" unironically are mostly shit human beings.

  24. Conservatives started using it to mock identity politics types because those types were using it to describe themselves. It's African American vernacular and when white arts-graduate journalists started writing opinion pieces about how "Camping needs to get woke to the microaggressions against campers of color", the combination of awkward grammar and dumb arguments made them an easy target for mockery.

  25. I sort of get what you are going for, but you are missing the part where authorities are trying to make men wearing makeup illegal.

  26. What does science tell us about this case? What is the science that they are disbelieving?

  27. It's like saying that Americans don't care about the first 3 letters of the word. When you learn the word 'continuity', you memorize the whole thing, not just the 'tinuity' part... and then try to figure out what you should put there later.

  28. I think that speakers of gendered languages often don't appreciate that speakers of non-gendered languages don't have a "space" in their brain for the property "gender" of a word. So when you say "just remember it along with the word", what you're saying is "just slot it into the gender property of the word" - but that property is not there. It wasn't created when we learned language as a child.

  29. Sure. Lord of the Rings is a prime example. It's both racist and pro monarchy, ideas I loathe and hopefully are out of date, but still a masterpiece.

  30. How is Lord of the Rings racist? That's a bizarre accusation.

  31. Someone always posts this, It's the worst comment. If you disagree with something that someone wrote, discuss it with them. Don't just beg for upvotes for being the most "morally righteous" person in the thread.

  32. I wonder if it's time to limit sociology and social psychology posts to one day per week? This sub seems to get swamped with social psychology papers about race, identity and privilege and that's not really a unique selling point of this sub. There are plenty of social justice subs. I get that social psychology can be more accessible to the average reader than material sciences, for example, but it's also more methodologically tenuous and doesn't really expand anyone's scientific horizons.

  33. How long until this gets taken down? Mods are so quick on the draw with this topic for some reason...

  34. The reason that the consensus of opinion on a sub is a certain way is probably because a power-mod has banned everyone who expressed a different opinion, not because it's actually a settled issue with majority support.

  35. Just because your comment got a lot of upvotes doesn't mean it was correct. Just because another comment got a lot of downvotes doesn't mean it was incorrect.

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